We are Mad Otter Games

We are Mad Otter Games, a small indie game developer located in Eugene, Oregon. We are currently developing Villagers & Heroes, a free-to-play mobile/PC MMO with a friendly and compassionate player community. We also accept art commissions, see our creative portfolio for more information.

Mad Otter is an independent games developer which is determined to create quality games through active collaboration with its player community. Our indie spirit drives us, and our games reflect, not the generic voice of one, but the passion and individuality of many.

Don a magical cloak spun from the wool of your own sheep, and charge into bejeweled sunsets aglow with surreal wonders! Or wield a mighty sword forged by your own hands and face a zombie prince in a shadowy cavern of dangling staircases. Plant a garden. Join a guild. Haggle at the auction house. Unravel the secrets of exciting quests, and so much more! But most of all, build lasting friendships in a wondrous land that has something to offer everyone.

Villagers and Heroes is a free-to-play MMORPG available on both PC and mobile devices, with seamless cross-platform play.

Learn more about Villagers & Heroes on www.villagersandheroes.com!


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