Take On The Black Thrush

Take up the fight against the Black Thrush once more with brand new midgame content.

Be In Full Control

Enjoy improved inventory management and more with major mobile UI updates.

Enter The Marshlands

Reach the Zorian Marshlands and see the conclusion to the high-level questline.

Brave The Dungeons

For the first time in Villagers & Heroes, take part in challenging, repeatable group content.

Launching september 24th!

Villagers & Heroes is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of a truly exhilarating new expansion! Wondrous new zones full of mystery and beauty, rousing story-driven quests which twist and turn and are not for the faint of heart, an abundance of sleek new mobile features and improvements, and the introduction of a whole new gameplay mechanic are but a few of the exciting new elements which await in, Wrath of the Black Thrush!

Take On The Black Thrush
The latest intriguing chapter of the Black Thrush has arrived! Clever heroes, those ready to unravel a lengthy series of dangerous and stimulating quests, are needed in order to help save the realm from the increasingly insidious threat of the Black Thrush. Operating in stealth and murderous silence as always, their masked numbers have drastically increased and a treacherous new plot is underway. Many will perish. Friends can no longer be trusted. Some tragedies can never be undone. Chaos has descended upon the Seven Realms.
Learn more secrets of the past, while solving mysteries of the present and see how the two will ultimately collide in this roller-coaster of a ride which will take players through eerily beautiful new zones rife with danger, and where the deadliest of creatures now reside. Be prepared for a thoroughly engrossing adventure like no other! Who among you will be able to survive the terrible wrath of the Black Thrush…
  • Picks up with Lady Philippa where the quest "Renovations" previously ended.
  • Spans levels 25 through 35.
  • Progresses through 9 different zones, most of which have been entirely overhauled.
  • A whole host of new characters with all new voiced dialog.
  • Exciting new quest mechanics and rewards.
  • Loads of new bounty bosses.
  • And much much more!

Be In Full Control
Wrath Of The Black Thrush also features a large set of improvements to the game UI. Previous areas of frustration such as inventory management have been entirely redesigned, completely new UI features have been added, and many small usability tweaks have been made. Altogether, this expansion makes for a far more streamlined experience!
All these aspects of the game have been improved in various ways:
  • New grid-based mobile inventory! Manage items and bags much better than before with a detailed grid-based inventory view, letting you move items around, sort your bags the way you prefer, easily split and sort items, and more.
  • Exciting quest rewards! On the mobile client you can now find all granted quest rewards in a single UI, with all the excitement and grandeur they deserve. Rewards are now granted through chests, which clearly detail their contents - and rarity - when opened in the most splendid fashion.
  • New vault & shared trunk design! Player vaults, shared trunks, and house storage has received a UI redesign mirroring the new inventory window. Vaults are now much easier to sort and manage due to manually being able to move items around.
  • New PC vault UI! Totally redesigned PC vault system that includes colored rarity backdrops, easier tab switching, less hassle moving items between vaults, and VAULT SORTING!
  • Countless tweaks & fixes! Experience a redesigned main menu, new maps for many in-game locations, new icons, and much more.

Enter The Marshlands
That ever lurking but always just out of grasp zone, the Zorian Marshlands, has at last slithered onto the world map! This murky swamp of slimy critters and foul beasties, not to mention deeply corrosive magics, is available only to those persevering heroes who have heretofore conquered all other preceding zones in the game. High level players, we invite you all to risk the perils and wonders of this deliciously evil new zone where a multitude of quests, battles, and sinister mysteries await.
The journey with that ragtag bunch of wayward adventurers known as the Lumineers continues! The search for the missing priest, Lysander, the seventh Lumineer who disappeared so long ago, has intensified. New clues to his whereabouts have been discovered. A riddle is in need of solving. The clock is ticking. Just what mysteries do these sinister Marshlands hold about Queen Zoria, ruler of that strange and infamous land known as the Crux? Find out these answers, and much more!

Brave The Dungeons
With the release of the latest chapter in the Black Thrush storyline, we are thrilled to announce the introduction of an all new gameplay mechanic to Villagers & Heroes: repeatable group content in the form of dungeons!

That’s right! Gather your friends and neighbors, and gather them well, for these grueling dungeons, which offer lavish daily rewards, cannot be soloed, but instead will require true teamwork. Group content means just that - well thought out teams comprised of the different classes and bolstered by the attributes of each are necessary for success!

Patterned after specific zones in the new Black Thrush content and named ‘Heroic’ to differentiate them from those normal zones, the portals to the first three dungeons will be visible to players in Ardent Castle upon completion of each version of the ‘regular’ zone. Once a player has completed the quests and defeated the bounties in the ‘regular’ version of the zone, the Heroic Dungeon portal version of that zone will then become accessible forever after to players, even after rebirths.
And just what do these exciting Heroic Dungeons have to offer players? So much!
  • Fabulous rewards! Powerful armaments and large amounts of gold and experience are awarded upon completion of Dungeon quests.
  • Unlimited gameplay! Dungeons can be repeated any number of times per day, giving equally good rewards each time.
  • Competition and pressure in the form of a ticking clock! Dungeons have a timed component: the faster a group completes the dungeon, the better the rewards. A group can earn Gold Tier, Silver Tier, Bronze Tier, or No Tier. (But even a ‘No Tier’ will still offer great rewards!)
  • Diversity of accolades! Each of the three dungeons upon launch will reward from a different pool of armament slots, enabling players to carefully choose which dungeons they’d prefer to do.
  • Bonus rewards! The first time completing a dungeon during a week will grant players special bonus rewards.
  • Repeatable quests! Each dungeon will offer a main repeatable quest, which require such objectives as killing powerful enemies and bosses. Upon completion, an NPC will appear at the end of the zone for players to turn their quest in to. (The NPC will then offer to take players back to Ardent City, or back to the beginning of the dungeon to play through it again.)
With the exciting addition of dungeons to Villagers & Heroes, our already massive world just got even bigger! Players will now have yet another option of stimulating gameplay to choose from upon logging in, right at their fingertips!