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3D Game Assets

Mobile and stylized art. We have many years of experience creating stylized, low-poly 3D assets for games. Our largest title, Villagers & Heroes, makes heavy use of a simple, hand-painted esthetic - and we are frequently contracted to model assets for web and mobile-based games.
Realistic art. If you are creating a game using all the latest, state-of-the-art technologies, we can help create your content! Our artists are experienced in both traditional high-poly modeling as well as newer workflows such as physically based rendering.

Drop Pod © Games Workshop
Old Syringe PBR
Fokker Dr.I PBR
Environment pre-render
V&H Outfits stylized
Lowpoly shoes stylized
Lowpoly clothing stylized

Animations & Videos

We also provide animation services - if you need animations for characters, props or anything else, we can be of service! Whether it's movement full of action and speed, subtle idle animations, or anything in-between, we can give your models the life they need. We are also highly capable to creating game cutscenes, video sequences and similar content.

Intro Cutscene from V&H
Warrior Attack animation
Vogue idle animation

UI Art & Design

Apart from 2D artwork such as concept art, game icons and illustrations, we are highly proficient at creating user interfaces. Whether you are making a brand new game that needs a polished and well-crafted user interface, or wish to redesign the UI of an existing title, we can help. Rich and art-heavy or subtle and minimal, any style of UI can be designed to suit your needs.

UI Controls from V&H
Touch Inventory from V&H
Main menu unreleased game
Tech tree unreleased game

Web Design & Promotional Art

In need of a promotional or game website? We design responsive websites making use of the latest in web technology to let your visitors feel as immersed at your website as in your game. Whether you need full websites, promotional posters, marketing material, ads or anything else, we will bring your work the attention it needs. This portfolio as well as our game and company websites were all designed in-house.