We are a small indie-game company located in Eugene, Oregon, and are dedicated to making great games! We believe the key to that end is live development. We are driven by our player community, for it is their feedback, their testing, and their on-going interaction with us on an almost daily basis that propels us to forever be improving our game. Every game has a beating heart, and ours lies in our fantastic player community. We believe true excellence can only be achieved through active collaboration with those whose passion for the game is equal to ours.

Why are we ‘dancing on the backs of crocodiles?’

We chose the name ‘Mad Otter’ after we happened upon a video featuring a tribe of closely knit otters chasing away a mammoth crocodile from the local watering hole. This seemed to us an apt metaphor for the persevering indie spirit within today’s gaming industry. Quick and nimble, working together as a team, the small group of warm-blooded otters prevailed against the monstrous reptilian beast of prehistoric design, who threatened their vital home. (View the inspiring, real-life otter video here.)