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  1. Bugs Since Servers Went Back Up

    I got this bug, although it's been happening long before the servers were down. I have also experienced the bug on android, transparent loading screen when I switch accounts. Also, if I try to send an email while gathering 80% of the time the game crashes. Afriel, Europe 1
  2. Downtime Compensation Gifts!

    SO MANY THINGS!!! Thank you Otters! You guys worked so hard to fix everything. ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR YOU ALL!!!🤗
  3. Create an outfit with the devs - suggest outfit ideas here!

    I'm not very creative but I was thinking that maybe we could have an outfit that would symbolise the continuing Support of the community and the Hard work of the Developers during this unfortunate event. Maybe something with a "SURVIVER" theme, or if that sounds a bit too drastic maybe something...
  4. Chapter I of the book is now open!

    EXHILARATING!!! I need more! *shows puppy eyes*...pwetty pwease