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    Anything would be better than nothing. After all if you are out of the medallion zones the only reason to go back to those zones is to help someone.
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    Upcoming Wardrobe Question

    I wish I still had my chef's hat and cheetah boots. :( At least I did keep my gathering crown.
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    Merchandising - Part One!

    Don't let her tease you.. she will take them all.
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    what will happen to zorian stones in new patch?

    I wanted some way to craft runes... just classless/gearless runes..... just runes. It's ok for it to be somewhat complex to craft but most crafters like to spend time crafting as it take 3x as much time and effort to level crafting skills when compared with time to level combat. It feels like we...
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    Dungeons - Motivation poll

    I usually run the dungeon every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times when people ask me to run with them. I don't care how much xp I get and the gear rewarded is rarely better than the gear I wear. I play a healing support priest. I don't know a thing about combat. I enjoy the strategy of the players...
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    Gather zones upgrades

    Just curious. What is your rate of rare finds when gathering in the zones?
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    Brainstorming and Praise

    Kitty! A Dog???? Traitor
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    Brainstorming and Praise

    Could we please use threads suggesting new concepts as a way to brainstorm? Responding with defensive statements are a back-handed compliment. It sours the milk creating mindless banter. Praise and support of present systems should to shine on their own thread, not hidden in a thread as...
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    Crafting Specializations

    Bad one on me.. I should have said "tradable trinkets". Looted trinkets can be traded and equipped by all classes. It would be wonderful to add the ability to craft tradable trinkets that could be equipped by all classes. Perhaps add the ability to craft specific types of tradable trinkets...
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    Gathering Nodes

    Gathering projects should provide gathering perks for villagers, similar to the crafting stations. These perks would work on nodes in any zone. Increased gather speed Increased supply find chance Increased batch size yield Increased mote chance Increased gathering EXP
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    Gathering Nodes

    Allowing wild and village gathered to stack together is a great suggestion.
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    Crafting Specializations

    I think a Trinket maker would be nice.
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    Gather zones upgrades

    Ardent is a great place to craft. You have access to vaults and crafting stations. It is even better than the gathering zones because it has the Auction House, cog station, Vendors and Charter NPC. But only the lowest tier of gathering nodes are available in Ardent City. In ranked villages you...
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    Gather zones upgrades

    If you don't have all your bags, need a vault, want to craft what you gather, convert supplies to cogs, purchase supplies with cogs or repair tools, you spend a lot of time zoning back and forth. Lake Kiwa has the best set up. You can do everything you need in one zone.
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    Current Contest Spring Fling Contest #3 - V&H Jokes!

    TweetyBird US3 Sooo Corny Ba..Da.. Ching Punny Funny * Face palm