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    Bugs Since Servers Went Back Up

    I hadn't been able to get those full health or mana that are given as daily gifts. Like the game says "You gained 10x full mana" but when I check my bags, they're not there
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    Any active english guilds?

    can i join your guild as well?
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    Downtime Compensation Gifts!

    thanks for your help :)
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    Downtime Compensation Gifts!

    how do we get that gnogmenting pack? should that have been in the bag as well?
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    IMPORTANT! - Known Issues When Servers Go Live

    i donno why but i couldn't connect to us1 server today. like other servers were ok, but not this one
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    thanks a lot :giggle:
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    Legend items from compensation

    well how do i get that redeem code?
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    ok i don't know how to get those rewards that were mentioned. how should i do it??
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    Downtime Compensation Gifts!

    o omg. literally omg. love:love::love::love::love: i'm almost about to wish the game gets hacked more not really though