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  1. Dungeons after patch.

    I apologize for being as rude as I was, but I had just finished a cloister run with a very experienced (100+ runs), very well geared team, and only able to achieve bronze. Clearly, I came straight to the forum. I 100% agree that RC was much too easy to achieve gold in. HHOS was much better...
  2. Dungeons after patch.

    You should go do a test run for Hhos as well. Have fun;)
  3. Dungeons after patch.

    I just want to say THANK YOU for ruining dungeons for everyone. Job well done. You might as well just remove them from the game at this point. Waste of time and mana. If a full lvl 90 team with enhanced gear, can't even achieve silver, then what hope does the average player have?
  4. Repair Globes nerfed/bugged

    So... it seems you guys "conveniently" forgot to mention in the patch notes that you MURDERED repair globule drop rate. Now it is very difficult to make gold since most of the gold aquired from gathering will now be used to repair tools. Even the epic tools are breaking now... Anyone else want...
  5. The Haunted Moors (4.32) Patch Notes

    Hahahaha. Yeah, I am one of the ones who hate how tiny the female hands and feet look now. I even deleted a female alt because it was bugging me so much.
  6. The Haunted Moors (4.32) Patch Notes

    I personally don't see a big issue with the new gathering system. For the most part, there are plenty of nodes of each particular type to gather from in one area. By the time you exaust them all, the first one will have replenished itself already or will very soon. I think this is a very small...
  7. The Haunted Moors (4.32) Patch Notes

    Elder fragments need to be changed to atleast 2 a day per boss. 1 for armor and 1 for weapon. Giving 1 a day per kill is just way too restrictive. I can understand you guys not wanting people to be able to just stand there and be able to farm as much gear/fragments as they want, but did you...
  8. Why aren't Zingara a shared bounty?

    Is it the first hitting player or the player with the highest damage output? Say if a healer attacked first, then a archer attacked right after (teamless) and took the zing aggro away from you because of their much higher dps. They would be the one to get the credit, right?
  9. Repeating Audio bug on Android

    I have sent 2 bug reports since I have started experiencing the issue. The only reason I resorted to posting it to the forums as well is because I also experienced the bug in test with the coming patch, which made me wonder if they were actually getting the bug report. Remember, just because we...
  10. Repeating Audio bug on Android

    Okay, so I'm not exactly sure WHEN this bug started, but I didn't notice it till right after the Android 64-bit update. So here is what happens, I can log in and within a few minutes of doing the usual random things, (bag, vault, teleport and kill bounties, etc.) the game will save a few...
  11. New Royal Guardians!

    Congrats all!
  12. MOBILE Camera Rotation Oversensitivity.

    Maybe with the new servers and everything feeling very snappy, it's giving the illusion of increased rotation sensitivity. I'm also probably just crazy. :ROFLMAO:
  13. MOBILE Camera Rotation Oversensitivity.

    No, I never have that enabled. The rotation camera just feels way too sensitive to me recently, but seemed slower in the past. I only thought of the slider idea as I was typing up the post. Maybe they will add it someday. :giggle:
  14. MOBILE Camera Rotation Oversensitivity.

    Hi Otters, I've noticed that the right thumb camera rotation sensitivity seems to have been increased recently (or I'm crazy) to the point that it has an almost "slippery" feeling when rotating around. I'm not demanding that it be reduced or anything, because some may actually like it, but would...
  15. Chapter V of the book is now open!

    Interesting. Well, I guess we will find out here soon, unless they decide to wait to reveal info on the shamans on the last week of expansion reveals. Lets hope they aren't that evil lol.