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  1. Is this game dead?

    People got to remember that this game dont have truck loads of cash and people behind it started as indi i beleave! Im kinda new to the game a few months i guess. What i do see is a very good comunity and they are listened too by the devs. In my opinion players hav to be fed stuff stuff they...
  2. Portable Cooking Stations

    A simple flint and wood with a timer perhaps a seperate space for cooking implaments pots spoons flint tinder n wood
  3. Compensation Gifts Have Been Distributed!

    Unsure were to post this i'm very new to posting on forums, Just wanted to say a massive huge thankyou to the devs for the recent gifts for the downtime, Its really nice to be playing v&h with such a awsome bunch of very helpful friendly comunity and devs that care and give there players the...