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    So much mana

    You use the plauge and as soon as it refresh you use it again. The first cast of the spell is still running, applied it already makes you loose the rest of the damage overtime. Seems like you do not pay attention to that for any of your spells.
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    Did Earth & Sea Just Ransom My Avatars?

    Do you mean: all your hats changed to one and the same design? That is a bug, make an in-game bug report. I have four different classes and all of them have a hat for each 5 levels. None of my hats changed design.
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    [VIDEO ADDED] Newer players, population concerns and the new expansion!

    In the old old days the starter zone was Ardent, it was also the main crafting zone. Result there was always plenty of players in the zone. There were also only three kinds of chat, local, world and whisper. Making it more likely to see any chat going on. Despite there were way less players in...
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    Servers Down Monday, June 3rd

    Making a game is also a job.... I would hate myself to be working at night. This is not a game from a big corporate company, but a small group of dedicated people. We get the chance to be close with Mad Otters, then we also need to give them room to make the game in a normal working hour.
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    Servers Down Monday, June 3rd

    EU 1 is up!
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    Crafting Specialization for Gold?

    I gave up selling potions! If you need gold, I suggest to do some gathering, the higher the level the more gold you get for the gems.
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    Servers Down Monday, June 3rd

    EU-DE is up!
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    Servers Down Monday, June 3rd

    I can verify US1, US2 and US3 are up!
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    Buf-Elder Soul

    The elder soul has these 5 different types: At lv1 You gain more mastery At lv2 Amor and Magic resist At lv3 Health and Mana At lv4 Village Xp At lv5 Hero Xp At lv6 Mastery At lv7 Amor and Magic resist At lv8 Health and Mana At lv9 Village Xp At lv10 Hero Xp
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    Hall of Salvation I found it difficult to figure out how to lead a group through the dungeon Halls of Salvation, because the clock was always ticking and I never had time to study the quest and map. I hope this map/quest text can help others. The green, red, blue, yellow and purple marked...
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    Portal to Southern Marsh

    Just read the signs :-)
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    How to kick people from village

    Let me see, if I have a village of 32 members and 2 players decide to move in with 4 toons each. Those two players now represent 20% of the village. Should those 2 players be able to kick out everybody else, that have worked for this village? That is a hostile takeover. Being a guild leader and...
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    Gathering tools bought from crown shop got soulbound on equip. Not account bound.

    Wow so I'm one of the unlucky ones, I have two sets of shop tools all soul bound to ONE and the same toon.
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    ***** ATTENTION Some important information about the January Premium Item on the Calandar.

    Some had all their skill at lv 90 and still they didn't cry when the calendar gift was gaining gathering xp. You gain some nice gifts and other gifts you have no use of.
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    Player vs player combat

    Personally I would hate having PvP in the game. I think the good community has base in helping each other, because we don't play against each other. Who will craft superb gear for others or add potions in the AH, if it is used in a fight against you? Would you help your competition to defeat...