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  1. Forum tip of the day!

    Thank you Ivar Hill, these tips should significantly help new players use the forums accordingly
  2. Songs We Love

    Sefa - Suffering Matters - YouTube
  3. Favorite & Least Favorite Christmas Songs

    I simply just listen to Christmas songs. I don’t have a favourite or least favourite. ;p
  4. Companion Sizes

    So I own altogether quite a few companions such as Shadow Dragon,Ux,Bog Frog and these companions just look plain and too small, please make the companion sizes a bit bigger with a special effect>''Aura'', thank you
  5. Dragon Suggestions

    Wonderful idea Arjuna, definitely would like to see this feature for all dragon mounts being implemented
  6. Promoting the game in real life

    cute doggo ;p
  7. Converting Public Villages To Private Villages

    Wonderful layout Ivar Hill, this should help many new players significantly, appreciated
  8. Patch Notes 4.24 - Grinchta's Lair

    Keep up the wonderful updates Mad Otter Games development team, already liking the design of the dragon mounts, maybe an aura around the dragon to signify it's presence would be awesome, yet overall wonderful update, appreciated
  9. Testing playground for forum beta

    Wonderful job Ivar Hill and the wonderful development team of Villagers And Heroes, definitely a wonderful and proffesional layout and structure of the new forums which I like and is awsome to see, keep up the great work development team of Villagers And Heroes, appreciated?