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  1. Thoughts / Suggestions - Since Earth and Sea Update

    I’ve known Zazie to wear many hats. But I didn’t know it was literally true.
  2. Crying over the cost of tears

    I haven’t really checked out this Vale yet, but I’ve participated in every event zone for the past two years. I’ve always been able to earn the most expensive (by event zone currency) item with a few hours a day. It should definitely be doable on 10/day. I think someone willing to pay for all...
  3. CHAOS

    Otters (employees) - when they have a triple digit “romp”
  4. Crying over the cost of tears

    I don’t think players are expected to buy tears in large quantities. It’s meant for those who can’t earn all the tears they need and want to buy a few to make up the difference.
  5. New player announcement in mobile

    Thanks for the lovely expansion! If I recall, PC is fine, I've seen this only on mobile: When new players arrive in the tutorial town, the message shows something like "%s has arrived in...." %s shows where the player name would have appeared. Some string-formatted value isn't getting passed...
  6. CHAOS

    It sounds like US3 may be feeling a bit crowded for some? Perhaps we might encourage players (new, or even otherwise) to come to the other servers. :) I recall Damon saying something like “we stay small” during a December livestream. I think that’s a big part of their philosophy - retaining the...
  7. Shamans What this?!!!

    Finding the balance is easiest for priests. :P

    Loved the straw hat!
  9. Female Clothes Suggestion

    Definitions of sexy may vary. I know my standards have shifted since starting Villagers & Heroes. I think that V&H “sexy”is like Amish compared to mainstream game sexy.
  10. New Royal Guardians!

    Thank you ever so much! I am very, very honored. I hope to live up to the high standard that has been set.
  11. Female Clothes Suggestion
  12. Happy National Kitten Day

    King Leonidas (which means “lion”) or King Leo for short
  13. Food for thought

    Not to worry. Probably the vast majority of us are not Native American. ;)
  14. [VIDEO ADDED] Newer players, population concerns and the new expansion!

    Hi fellow US1 resident! I’ve been here for two years, all the servers are great, but US1 is still my favorite place. I think it’s gotten a little quieter since it’s been longer than usual since the last event zone. But there’s still plenty of sparkling, witty conversation in world chat when I...