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  1. I'm really impressed by how well the game is doing population wise and yet nobody talks about it

    At the current size, the Otters are like a family. They dine together, celebrate together; if I remember correctly, they have gone on vacations together. And rumor has it, the CEO and Lead Writer spend a fair bit of time together outside the office.
  2. Spring Fling!

    I wasn’t able to make it. I’m glad those who did had fun. And it sounds like the Otters had fun, too. Nevertheless, this game, which is play to us, is work to them. It’s very kind of them to give up part of their weekend, instead of taking a much needed break from their job to relax.
  3. I'm really impressed by how well the game is doing population wise and yet nobody talks about it

    I envy those companies with bigger marketing departments than the whole of Mad Otter. And yet they get huge influxes of players, but how many stay? How many, after a short period, are off chasing the next shiny thing? In contrast, Villagers & Heroes has players who are going on nine years...
  4. Dungeon System is HORRIBLE

    Yes. Not quite as far as what you describe, but sufficiently well geared as a level 1 to place #3 on the damage chart on a 35 person dungeon run. You bring up a good point about leveling being counterproductive to some extent. I choose to run dungeons for fun. So over the last three months, I...
  5. Website Part II Revealed: New Character Looks!

    : puts on potato sack...I mean...wizard robe: :p
  6. Spending Real Money

    I’ve had Ardent Society for about two years. I do it more to support the game rather than for the benefits. Welcome to V&H!
  7. Help....

    @Jamay I think I understand. In principle, I enjoy teaming up. But in practice, it seems that the two options generally available to me (a perpetually leveling player) are: have a high level player one-hit it for me, or level till I can kill it by myself. Given those two, I choose the latter...
  8. Chapter VI of the book is now open!

    We have “Let’s Design” on Wednesdays and “Let’s Play” on Fridays. I propose the Otters add a “Let’s Write”.
  9. Gathering supply find % math off?

    :wonders if Nyxxe is an actuary: :)
  10. Ardent Society Membership Update

    The sockets were my favorite part after the XP boost. But as Damon stated, this is a quick short-term solution while they focus on very high priority issues. We’ve had our game back for several weeks, yet I’d wager the Otters still haven’t really had a chance to breathe. And they’ve taken a big...
  11. Portable Cooking Stations

    Camping stove (powered by liquid fire wizard essence)? I could see that. Sewing kit? Definitely yes. Portable lathe? Not so much... Portable anvil? I am not carrying that on my back!
  12. Dungeon System is HORRIBLE

    I direct this to my fellow low levels (speaking as someone whose primary dungeoning character has never been higher than 45). We have an amazing community, in which the vast majority of strong players are eager to help the weaker. Let’s keep doing our part, as low levels, to be considerate of...
  13. What I like in the game - Was mir in diesem Spiel gefällt

    I love the mushroom mounts too! I think they’re the only mounts with a dignified riding position for those who wear robes/dresses. Don’t get me started on those rhinos... I especially love the community. MMOs offer us the freedom to do things we couldn’t in real life. In so many games, players...
  14. V&H Fan websites

  15. Golden Sheep and Yorick's Royal Crown

    I wish we had the option to move animals from the kennel to the garden for a Fertilizer Buff to crops.