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    Website Part II Revealed: New Character Looks!

    While I do see your point and more body options would definitely be cool, I also feel like an over exaggaration of this situation. Let me just quote Ivar on this. They are not based on super model looks, but something that is "elfish" or fantasy world like. And honestly majority of us would...
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    Website Part II Revealed: New Character Looks!

    Loving the new looks, can't wait to experiment with them :) P.S.: Finally I can roll an Azar character
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    Spending Real Money

    I do both, though I spent on crowns far far more (almost certain never spent as much on any game than on V&H, but the devs really do deserve it). If your budget is tight, I'd suggest Ardent Society, it's just overall a great deal that will help every and any characters you got (and it also means...
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    Could we have a sale?

    Storage (along with many other items) were on sale last week. Though I'd expect another sale near or after the release of the expansion
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    Announcing our new expansion: A Tale Of Earth And Sea!

    Was confirmed during latest livestream that we do get new char slots to purchase :)
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    Announcing our new expansion: A Tale Of Earth And Sea!

    My predictions based on what was shown/talked about: P.S.: really looking forward to the reveals!
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    Chapter VI of the book is now open!

    Interesting turn of events (at least I did not expect this outcome). Really curious to see who this boy will be, and what role he will play in the future and possibly in game. Amazing work as always Sarah, really looking forward to the final chapter! :)
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    Gear System Suggestions

    You sure added quite a bit to it, I went through it. This would deserve a single expansion in itself. Overall superb work, it's pretty well thought out and explained, so I'll just address the parts that I see some flaws in. 1) Shields: Currently two classes have access to them, yet you used it...
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    Chapter V of the book is now open!

    I see there is a chapter VII now. Do we get an extra chapter of story or is that related to the reveal of the expansion's features? On topic, really exciting as usual :) Looking forward to next week!
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    Word Word Association

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    Word Word Association

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    Amazing ideas (as always) :) Really like the fact how you connected it with your other suggestions. And it's so well formatted, my eyes are almost crying from the beauty. One thing that I really like is the Realm Boss, since it's something the whole server could/should focus on and everyone gets...
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    Shadow priest vs fire wizard

    In my experience Fire Wizard is more AoE focused, has very strong direct damage and quite a bit DoT damage as well (and yes they are kinda glass cannon like unless built otherwise). Shadow Priest is more DoT, so damagewise they can get the upperhand in longer fights (like elders), but...
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    Dungeon System is HORRIBLE

    I think a good part of this issue would be solved if the rewards were changed to a token system (you buy gear with tokens), where better ranked runs simply offer more tokens, so people who are going for max gear (only available in gold atm) would still have incentive to play with groups that...
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    Wiki Needs Updated

    I hope you don't take this personal, but the wiki (gamepedia site) is a community driven collaboration, meaning anyone and everyone can edit it, and are welcome to. The best thing you can do is if you update outdated info yourself. It not only helps you, but countless others who search for the...