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    4.28 - A Tale Of Earth And Sea

    You were never able to do that.
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    Livestream Schedules!

    Today's livestream will have a large amount of time dedicated to questions from players concerning the upcoming expansion. Plan your questions accordingly! Hope to see you all there!
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    Shaman Livestream Today 11am PDT

    Hello everyone, We will be doing another Shaman livestream reveal today at 11am PDT. You can find the stream here: Hope you can join us!
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    A Tale of Earth and Sea - Changing Dates and Times

    The lighting here makes it look a little blue, but it really is purple (albeit a darker purple)!
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    A Tale of Earth and Sea - Changing Dates and Times

    Hello everyone, We are sorry to announce that we ended up having some scheduling issues with the both the website reveals and the dev livestreams. We will be unable to livestream part two of the Shaman class today, and the previously scheduled website release that was going to happen tomorrow...
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    Let's Play! Livestream with Diet

    Hi all, We will be livestream at 12:30pm PST. That is in about 45 minutes. Hope to see you there! (Note: This will not be a regular let's play livestream).
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    Animals not levelling

    I Caly. I just checked your toon. I did some dev magic to make it time to harvest from them, and then I harvested one. It leveled as it was suppose to. I don't think there is an issue here. My guess as to what is going on is that since they are lower level boars, your feeding and nurturing...
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    Ardent Society Membership Update

    Sorry and thank you. There was a typo in the main post. It is indeed 5 Voltan's Resurrects per month, not 10 as the post initially stated. I've fixed the original post.
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    Ardent Society Membership Update

    Hello everyone, We are making some changes to the Ardent Society Memberships. Lower Prices First of all, we are lowering prices for all subscription types and durations. 1-Month Recurring: Was $7.95 is now $7.00 3-Month Recurring: Was $21.95 is now $20.00 3-Month Non-recurring: Was 600...
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    PC Payment is live!

    Hello everyone, We officially have payment back up and running for PC standalone client! There are a few things to note: We have switched payment providers! Our new payment provider is Xsolla. Xsolla not only provides some better features and upgrades from what we were using before, but it...
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    What Class / Spec Should Diet Play

    We ended up doing a random class / spec generator, using the poll as a data input. Meaning the more votes something got, the higher chance it had to win. We then hit the button and out came Fire Wizard! Closing this thread for now. Thanks all!
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    Joyous madness

    Quite frankly, yes. You are too gloomy. Pretty much all of the questions you have asked (as pointed out by others) have already been asked and answered, some several times over (through livestreams, livestream recaps, forum posts, discord chats, in game messages, facebook posts... the works)...
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    Word Word Association

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    What Class / Spec Should Diet Play

    Hello everyone! This post / poll doesn't make any sense unless you read this post here. So do that first. This will determine the Class that Diet plays, and the spec that he starts out with. The spec may change overtime, but for the first several livestreams he will stick to the selected spec...
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    Let's Play! Livestream with Diet

    Hello everyone, As many of you were aware we were doing daily livestream over the past two weeks. And while the reason for those livestreams was a bummer, the result is that we learned that livestreams are a great thing! You guys seem to like them, we like them, it keeps us all in touch, and...