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    Buying Crowns from Other Players - Bad Idea

    I recall it was a refund of their credit card payment the problem was about. That is not a policy from mad otter, but a policy from credit card. So I am not sure how the other game would stop a service like credit card from paying back?
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    Min/Max by starter choice of Realm?

    My marksman hunter easily runs out on mana during elder fights or other long lasting fights, in single boss fights she is fine for at least ten in a row. But I heard wizards are mana drains so, I picked the mana realm on her.
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    I'm really impressed by how well the game is doing population wise and yet nobody talks about it

    Gold you can mail, so you'd first have to make the new char, then you can mail it. Only tradeable items are mailable, you can sent up to 26 items in a day. If you hoover over the item it will tell you if it is soulbound, account bound or neither
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    Let's Make An Outfit - Weekly Livestream! Wednesdays 11AM PDT

    There better! Or we'll never get it finished before summer :p
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    Spring Fling!

    Perhaps I could interest you in a to be 24/7 available event toon to stand guard during such a period? :p
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    Regarding Shamans

    we had 25 celcius halfway Februari, and then hell froze over again. I am a little disappointed though that you didn't provide us with a detailed list of countries entering summer on June 21st.
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    I'm really impressed by how well the game is doing population wise and yet nobody talks about it

    I absolutely agree on that! I am a steam player and since I was too high a level to consider the switch a viable option when crossplatform came out I am still there, but it happens at least three times a month I wish I started out on the SAC instead.
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    Spring Fling!

    I suppose any that would not put the iOs players at a disadvantage. During the giveaway it could be used for limited time because iOs players could receive their gift from an eventhelper, but ofcourse for the codes that used to run a week it is not an option to put an eventhelper on every server...
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    Min/Max by starter choice of Realm?

    I dont think those realm boosts changed in a hundred or so years. The main distinction is the ones you name useful are combat related, and the 'usless' ones are villager related (except increased xp). Even in endgame you can still aim for that better gear, or maybe make gear for others or for an...
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    I'm really impressed by how well the game is doing population wise and yet nobody talks about it

    As far as I know, no such information or charts are available to us. The Otters are probably the only ones with access to this information, but whether or not they want to share it, is another thing (I dont know, I have never seen or heard them share it publicy). Good to hear you're planning to...
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    Spring Fling!

    The request to be patient and humble because it is a free present is not an insult... you just take it that way because you dont agree with her. Apparently we all 'insult' you, see a pattern?
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    Socket question?

    Guys and... ghouls?? I'd be offended but does that mean I'm a Ringwraith and can put fear in your very bones? Cause then I might actually like it :D
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    Spring Fling!

    A negative post will receive a negative answer. Your post consisted of 'you might as well not give out items at all, it was only two silly hours and the code expired soon mehmehmehhh, you should think it through better'. No, that is not how it works. We did think it through and I explained to...
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    Galaxy Tab E

    If it is in the play store it should run I think. If it runs the game it should run the expansion too. There are some tablets that do not work with the game but I always understood those were older models, I dont know about yours. Ivar will though, if he drives by at some point
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    Inside Houses

    Yeah but new character wasnt intentional either, it was ana incidental side project of Diet. So, all we need to do is hope for another side project to incidentally happen :p