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    4.28 - A Tale Of Earth And Sea

    Why were the colours changed? Personally I didnt mind the old colours at all, and I dislike changes. Cause now I have to get used to them (but if they stay maybe modchat can go hot pink?? :D)
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    The Surge of the Shaman Challenge!

    noooonono, you ONLY need to do the 60's rebirth, So the wisest would be to rebirth anywhere inbetween 60 and 74. You must also do all maplecrest, so the logic point is to only do them after the rebirth, if you do it before it will only be wiped out anyway (although ofcourse you can do it before...
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    Xp boost

    I also advice to look carefully at the quests offered and what they want. For example in the Shadow Fated Zones (from the depths on) the relics ask the deaths of the bosses in the game, and they give about 30k xp. So it is a small effort to pick those up along the way and hand them back in at...
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    Fun National days of July

    Today is simplicity day?? :love: I feel I passed with flying colours
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    Bug report error again?

    I sent one yesteeday and seemed tohe go fine? Didnt get a notification it failed
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    ~ Suggestions ~

    I have excellent news for you.....
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    Red Darrig Previews - Discussion Thread

    It is one of the equinox robes, it will propably ne back in the shop at that time
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    Running out of quests :(

    in which zone are you killing? and are the bosses skulls on the map white or grey?
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    Running out of quests :(

    You only get medallions from a boss once a day. After that you need to wait for the boss to become active again before you can get again
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    Game suggestions

    I wouldmt mind it always there either, but suggested hotkey to prevent clutter on the small vaultspotts, because there already is also a stacknumber in there in most cases and didnt want it to be confusing
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    Theory for Main Quest

    I read every letter in the questdialogue AND the full "Tale of Earth and Sea" but am I the only one who cant remember any Alex, Macaria or Jackie?
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    Word Word Association

    I am Legend
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    The Highwayman!

    I do like it! It gives me the feeling of just that, a traveller taking the back roads, in worn clothing. A bit like Strider is described in LOTR. Instead of the adventurer outfit that jjust look like an archeologist loving caves :/
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    Comprehensive list of XP boosters [Updated Tale of Earth and Sea]

    the green one. it boosts all people gathering or crafting in the range with 20% xp
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    Catch Me If You Can!

    You'll be escorted to the depths, where the event takes place