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    Website Part II Revealed: New Character Looks!

    PS I don't feel like the new style is sexualized. I just feel like since they shrunk the waist they should have given her more tone and muscles instead of completely smooth lines. That's my personal opinion.
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    Website Part II Revealed: New Character Looks!

    You weren't aggressive; passive or otherwise. If someone felt that you were, seems to me that it's their issue, not yours. Someone might have a personal issue with such matters and maybe a person was traumatized and is now expressing his or her feelings, in what may be considered an aggressive...
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    Website Part II Revealed: New Character Looks!

    I am glad you fixed the feet and made the faces look less cartoonish. I am super glad you did not inflate the breasts while you shrunk the waistline. I'm not that glad you shrunk the waistline so much though, without giving more muscle tone. All the exercise the toons do would definitely give...
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    Current Contest Spring Fling Contest #1 - Bake off!

    Grimm can't win cause I gobbled up his/her entry. Sorry, not sorry :p
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    Current Contest Spring Fling Contest #2 - Iconic Movie Scene Reenactments in V&H

    Oh man I am SO glad I am not a judge! No way could I choose, they're all so good! I regret that I can't participate. My comp is going bad and can't play the game. I only manage to log in for the daily then have to hurry back off. Anyway, these are awesome! I love them all!
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    Current Contest Spring Fling Contest #3 - V&H Jokes!

    Hey, that's MY joke! (It's hilarious isn't it?!) Anyway, here's mine; What's a Felcat's favorite breakfast? (IDK, what IS a Felcat's favorite breakfast?) MICE Krispies! FaunaG US1
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    Dungeon System is HORRIBLE

    I can understand your frustration. I'm not sure what the solution would be to make it fair. Unless there were two types of dungeon. one for highers and one for lowers with different difficulties. But that wouldn't work either because highers do like to help lowers sometimes. So I dunno.
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    Is there an alternative to the whole "Shadow fated" levels? then
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    Is there an alternative to the whole "Shadow fated" levels?

    I have been here since beta and I agree with you re: running through depths and those portals just to reach a particular zone. IDKY they can't put portals right in each shadow zone. You still have to find it the first time the long way around so I see no point in making people run the gauntlet...
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    Joyous madness

    Could you run for US President please? giggles
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    What Class / Spec Should Diet Play

    aww sad I wont be able to join in but ill watch the streams! have a great time!
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    Question about rewards for downtime

    I would wait til the rewards come out, see if soulbound or just account bound. If account then i'd put them in my shared vault (get one if you dont have it) and let my new toon take them out.
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    What are you going to do first when the servers come back up?

    How dare you call us that!? How rude! :p US1... is best server :p MF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Tuesday Livestream - Feb 26!

    thank you for anwering me and for not being snarky your answer makes a lot of sense