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  1. Ardent Society Membership Update

    I have been an AS member for at least a year. I buy it because I can afford it and I know the game needs to make money inorder to stay around. I do use the sockets and will be sorry to see them go. What really disappoints me is the way this all was presented. The price was cut, but in order to...
  2. Buying Crowns from Other Players - Bad Idea

    I personally don't think you need to apologize for anything, Damon. You're stating the facts that Mad Otter has to do to protect itself.
  3. Compensation Gifts Have Been Distributed!

    I haven't logged in yet, but all I can say is "Thank you very much!"
  4. Gnogging ANY like gear

    Right now you can only gnog gear from the same class. It would be nice for you to be able to gnog any two pieces of like gear for the cosmetics. You would not be able to transfer any feats or stats, just the looks. There are some items that look great but you can't get the looks on your gear...
  5. Bugs Since Servers Went Back Up

    Pools of Andorra. Quest Reality Restoration. I was tracking the quest. I restored Biz and Tamorra. Then I killed 2 of the bounties in the pool. The star for completing the quest at Druscilla disappeared. However when I went to Druscilla, the quest completed normally.
  6. What Class / Spec Should Diet Play

    @IoOvOo. I voted for ice wiz, my main and favorite. I would like to see in order to learn something new or maybe I'm using a feat wrong or not efficiently.
  7. Downtime Compensation Gifts!

    Diet explains how comp packages will work in the thread "Legendary gifts from compensation" #15. Sorry, don't know how to copy forum link.
  8. Music

    While I really enjoy Classical music, every time I hear Jupiter I start looking for moose and llamas. Another one they could use ( by same composer) would be "Mars, bringer of war" . Possibly in Rift or Tower (with level 85 elders) where you know you'll have combat.
  9. Downtime Compensation Gifts!

    Thank you, Devs. This is way more than was than you could do for us. You guys are the best! I watched the livestream today and I think they may have mentioned: "The compensation packages will not be given out right away". At least I think I saw some mention of that.

    Had to try and log in for myself. Boy, did it feel good just to get the server log in screen and the error message that appeared!
  11. Item Shop Suggestions

    I like some of your ideas, except the aura thing might cause the game to slow down too much ( like they said pets did)
  12. New Emotes

    Skaaveek had a post for adding item shop emotes. While I don't necessarily think it should be a cash shop item, new emotes would be nice. I like the ideas of new Emotes. They are used by almost everyone quite frequently. Think: Waiting for Boss in event zone or waiting for more players to come...
  13. An Idea for a future build.

    I really like the idea of the city in the trees. It would be similar to the drom (which I liked as a nice change of pace from flat zones) except I think it would more beautiful, not metal grates and ramps.
  14. Please Add a Block Alert

    Next year's? You mean you already have this year's planned?
  15. Playing Style

    My feelings exactly. Much better to learn the " how and why " in the game than to do it for them. I have a level 90 Ice wiz with all rebirths done, when on him I like to help others with elders, but not just go in and kill them off ( the elders). I will hit them with the auto attack so I don't...