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  1. List of things that should be changed or adjusted

    Dungeon is bad right now, way too much health, not worth the time.
  2. PC window options

    Be nice if you could make all windows accessible regardless of what other windows are open. For example when submitting a bug report, it locks you on the window. Also would be nice to be able to have more control of your windows so you can move them where you want.
  3. Request for PC

    I'll experiment to see if input lag seems like an issue. Honestly with this game I have felt like I have always had input lag. Casting spells for example, when I mouse click or push number for hotkey.. are not as quick most games that I have played. That's with vsync off. I don't recall...
  4. Request for PC

    Ah that's cool will try that out for sure.
  5. Request for PC

    For PC Add feature to limit FPS. Says in graphic settings I'm getting over 200 frames per second. This throttling of my video card is not required. I dont even have a 120hz monitor. So I would be fine at 60. I have seen a few other games handle this by limiting frames per second...
  6. Red Cloister Boss Feedback

    Last attempt we did fine, clones came pretty quick but we were able to kill them while a few focused on boss. 3 clones I think. I think how they have it now is pretty reasonable and may even be too easy for well geared groups. Maybe they toned down clone hp making it possible to take them...
  7. Enhancement should be removed

    When people actually put things in form of a question, I simply answer the question. Please show me where I have made accusations when someone questions a suggestion that I have made? Keep in mind, I don't recall many questions from you at all, just accusations of what I am really trying to...
  8. Enhancement should be removed

    My point exactly, thank you.
  9. Not a Suggestion - I'm begging here!

    Yeah this is how it is in my experience. You can find some great runes on white and green drops. Make sure you pick up the whites. Could find a friend who plays earth because they also get alot of water drop that they won't need. Make sure you know what runes come on elder, vs crafted, vs...
  10. Enhancement should be removed

    A straight fact is the fact that if someone attacks me personally suggesting more than I have revealed about myself, then I will use sarcasm. Every single time. So .. ban me.
  11. Enhancement should be removed

    Sure, I would also like to add, in particular... to please refrain from suggesting one is not aloud to give suggestions on how to get the facts straight.
  12. Enhancement should be removed

    I really don't see the point in trying to determine what I want or trying to figure'me out as if I am asking for your advice on whether or not I should continue to play this game.. . But you know if that's your thing go for it.. If it were me, I would simply say more of what I like or...
  13. Enhancement should be removed

    Time, which for me is very important.
  14. Enhancement should be removed

    You always have some pretty good ideas, not sure if they would step that far our of the current system, but would be cool though to see something similar to what you have mentioned. I wouldn't mind seeing an enchanter class that can enchant items that another player is currently wearing or...
  15. Enhancement should be removed

    'Essential' does not define pay to win for me. My definition...which of course is my opinion.. If you can pay real money to do things quicker, to gain any advantage at all as compared to if you did not pay.. That is pay win. There are ways to generate money without selling experience, and...