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    Need every ones opinion!

    You notice beauty inside only when meeting you, in order to get acquainted you need beauty outside:unsure:
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    [VIDEO ADDED] Newer players, population concerns and the new expansion!

    PvP is a forbidden topic. Are you kicking it again? Now, old players will fly at you and crucify your body like Christ on the cross for PvP proposals.:p:p
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    The Surge of the Shaman Challenge!

    When will the update shamans?We were promised shamans before the summer. And now it's midsummer.
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    The Surge of the Shaman Challenge!

    Where date update in google play?Date!:mad:
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    what will happen to zorian stones in new patch?

    Zorian craft-i hate this.Agrhhhhhhhhh terrrrrable and baaaaaaadly.Get out this system.o_O
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    If you are reborn at least once, then they give a shield badge. No matter how many times you are reborn, other players still see the same shield badge. The shield symbol never changes, regardless of whether you revive 1 time or 5. This is all .
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    Gold and bots issues

    Mb,mount in lake Kiwa and......all.But why me need mount lake Kiwa?-idk.All prof full, swaps inngrids not selling.
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    Gold and bots issues

    Does a game need so much gold? If I have a lot of gold, what can I buy for it? The answer is nothing. I don `t know why I need a lot of gold .
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    Please add support for Xiaomi Redmi Note

    Xiaomi china,i think its trade wars between USA and China.And Xiaomi very new mobilefon and mb not supported old games.
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    Please add support for the Xiaomi Redmi Note phones

    <Mod edit>, who told you that the game is not supported Xiaomi? Come on screenshots!
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    Website Part II Revealed: New Character Looks!

    Oh, sorry. I read the version translated by the Google Translator. Interestingly, if the original Shakespeare is translated by the Google Translator, will it be just as good ?:unsure::p
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    Stuck at loading

    Oh, this is an old bug. When you switch to other characters in your account, a download appears. This appeared right after server recovery after a hacker attack. This happens more often on Android. Do not worry, just go out and re-enter the game. We are all used to this uncomfortable bug .;)
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    Regarding Shamans

    I know elf, this is geopolitics. Peace brother.;)
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    Regarding Shamans

    And I am insulted by the false scale of the islands and continents. This is insulting to the inhabitants of other countries .