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    Why is there NO PvP >:|

    Next update PvP patch?Yeahhh,go PvP! I like PvP, For the Horde! :p
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    Good music:love:
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    One click heal(mobile)

    Ok, I know how heal himself when the mobs beat you in the dungeon. You need to aim at the enemy and press heal. But ....... if you are pointing at an ally, then the “target” button will first offer you another ally, then another until you select all the nearest allies in turn, then she will...
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    One click heal(mobile)

    Hmm .... can only mobile players write here? Who knows that on the MOBILE devices they WILL NOT SHOW yourself on the group list !!!!
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    New Nature Talent is OP

    New nature conservationist talent is very good. Please do not change it. And about all the talents. IT IS VERY GOOD. Some new talents are very good, others are just good. There are no bad ones.:D
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    One click heal(mobile)

    I am very pleased that now on mobile devices you can heal a person in a group just by clicking on his name. But one question remains: how can I quickly heal myself if I chose another person to target?
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    Shamans What this?!!!

    The concept of an average damager and a very good support buffer didn’t come to their heads? Totems to protect against magic from physical attacks, buf crit mastery and more? Has it not been possible for them to come to head? Aura defense, aura health or something? Was it so bad to come up with...
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    Shamans What this?!!!

    Majenta, I know you will defend Otters, but I think shamans will fail. Explaining other American developers. When Blizzard released a new dark knight class, it was wow, when they released the monks, it was wow, when the demon hunters released it was mega wow.Otters are also Americans and I...
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    Shamans What this?!!!

    When you run into the dungeon to the golden rank, tell the skeletons: ,, Sorry, do not hit us, wait until my spell is restored,
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    Shamans What this?!!!

    Okay, I will answer in detail. The water shaman is based on HealOverTime (HOT). But didn’t the developers forget that the healers ’strength is not in the ordinary heal but in the critical heal. And because Instant Heal will always be better than the HOT. Then the second: playing for the water...
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    Shamans What this?!!!

    I am very upset and very angry. I ask you to forgive those who have my post cause negative reactions. But I can’t keep silence. We waited half a year for the shamans and what did we get? Bad tank and bad healer? I wondered, was the priest so bad that you decided to make the class worse than the...
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    Botters, cheaters, and exploiters, oh my!

    Great, Skaveek, I always liked your suggestions. And I consider neighborly control a violation of human rights. A neighbor’s surveillance is a sign of totalitarianism.
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    Need every ones opinion!

    You notice beauty inside only when meeting you, in order to get acquainted you need beauty outside:unsure:
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    [VIDEO ADDED] Newer players, population concerns and the new expansion!

    PvP is a forbidden topic. Are you kicking it again? Now, old players will fly at you and crucify your body like Christ on the cross for PvP proposals.:p:p
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    The Surge of the Shaman Challenge!

    When will the update shamans?We were promised shamans before the summer. And now it's midsummer.