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    New Nature Talent is OP

    Nature was good at single target damage. And now part of damage became aoe:rolleyes: I know not everything happens in dungeon but nearly double dmg dealt with similar gears is crazy. Btw I found the new ice and arcane talents so useless now. Maybe test them more later.
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    The Surge of the Shaman Challenge!

    So what we should do is lvl60>>reborn>>kill all elders and reach lvl90?;)
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    4.28 - A Tale Of Earth And Sea

    Most of the changes are pretty nice. Why some of the comments make me feel like devs are destroying V&H? (lol Please don’t be so negative and give devs more time to solve problems by adding new mechanics. Before that happens, moving things that cause problems away is fine, isn’t it?
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    Our New EU1 Moderator!

    Congrats Sampai!
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    Red Darrig Previews - Discussion Thread

    I want an otter!
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    My main char got rested buff every day but my alts didn’t . All of them were staying in the village. Since Python 2.7 update
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    US2 Dungeons - New Rules

    一大早上论坛就发现Sarah让我帮忙翻译,我猜这件事和国人有关。我不在US2不了解情况,但任何事,不论事出何因,不论谁对谁错,退一步海阔天空吧。两败俱伤不如搁置争议,况且在V&H里玩家间只有合作并没有竞争的必要。 It’s my pleasure to help Sarah. However, to translate this made me feel sorry for US2 players. I’m from EU1 so I don’t know what exactly happened in US2. But no matter whose fault it was...
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    Being a Tester - Apply Here

    Thanks! \o/
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    Being a Tester - Apply Here

    Should the ‘primary email’ address be the same as my game login address? I applied with my forum login address because for some reasons my game login one couldn’t get your mails. But it seems I haven’t got the contacting mail. Or my charname is making troubles again?:D Edit: I have sent a new...
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    Servers Down Monday, June 10

    Thanks to Otters! Game is much smoother. But still my alt can’t get rested buff. Was this bug noticed?
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    Poll: Legendary items drop in game or not?

    Warning: Nyx...xxe is coming, prepare enough food or to be the food yourself.
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    Can’t log into game... is server down???

    Servers are up now, but u have to update ur game in AppStore first
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday May 24 - May 31

    WOW gratz to Kath and Nyxxxxxxxxxxe!:LOL: