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    Event Boss Immunity

    YES Please!!! This would be awesome!
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    Tales of 2 sisters Quest from Kahn in Blight Bay

    Many of us haven't finished Chapter 1 yet! They are random drops and as always, some seem luckier than others :)
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    Blight Bay Bounties

    Being that the update was just days ago, the pressure is on in those zones. Maybe call out to others bountying to party up?
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    Multiple Disconnects Since Update

    Did you try uninstalling the game and reinstalling? It might help. (BTW I also verified assets. I figured it might help)
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    Crown gathering tools problems

    Yes of course you do, and good, bad or indifferent, all comments, replies and suggestions are acceptable when done is a polite and respectful manner such as you have done.
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    Want to help translating/fixing some translations...

    If you would like to offer your services, it is probably best to contact V&H Support directly (see tab top right of the forums screen). They are the ones who will decide if/and or when such services would be helpful. Thank you for making such a kind offer, it is nice of you to do that!
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    I'm not an android player but someone suggested uninstalling the game and reinstalling, they said it helped.
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    If you tried to send again and didn't receive an automated reply (and did check your spam folder) please see here:
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    Gathering bans.

    With each update comes a new learning curve... we are all learning new stuff together! :)
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    In-game market displays text incorrectly

    I am sorry you are displeased I removed private information. The above is why I posted a reply. If you sent in a bug report, the system is possibly down so if you got no reply it might not have been received. If you opened a ticket and have not received a reply, it depends on when you sent your...
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    Exhausted Nodes in Villages

    If ingame bug reports aren't working for you,
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    Gathering bans.

    You and me both! I catch myself going to back off when I've forgotten to take a pie or other gather buff. Well No more!! LOL
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    halloween treats -- Request. soulbound ---> account bound

    The event zones have always been set up so the things you gain are bound to the character who earns them keeps them. Yes in the past some items were tradable but this created a situation where people would sell them so they were just made soulbound.
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    Gathering bans.

    I just read Diet's response so let me take a try... and no you are not stupid, sometimes it takes some of us a bit longer to "get" stuff! So you are gathering and the node depletes, you continue to click 5 more times, you will get sent silently to character select screen. You log back in and...
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    Exhausted Nodes in Villages

    In case it is a bug, and if you believe it is a bug, go ahead and report it as such. Give all the information as you did here as well. Thank you