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    Servers Down Monday July 29

    they said on discord no game for an ENTIRE 60 minutes at least. fortunately not nearly as long as death defying 2 weeks to a month like when data server got hacked
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    Beginner guide for V&H Version 2 (updated 1/9/19)

    now is a random factor on the luckinum I still get from none to 10x on drops from mobs. they average around 4-8 but can be more or a lot less
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    Being a Tester - Apply Here

    Ok, applied and off and on have logged in I always have access test server, just right now is hit or miss, what I miss greatly is logging into the forum section to find out what we are looking for? May I please have access to the forum section again please. The logging in to the forum is more...
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    Talent Builder

    need update n where moved the link please Error 522 Ray ID: 4aa88eba5bbeb3de • 2019-02-17 13:22:02 UTC Connection timed out
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    Beginner guide for V&H Version 2 (updated 1/9/19)

    and if you craft yourself without a specialization, but up to 30 crafted then you can look for those runes you want to keep. get an EPIC weapon then gnog or combine the best ones you crafted to the EPIC . if you do, then make sure the yellow arrow is from the higher quality EPIC weapon and and...
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    Marksman Hunter Guide

    Have no idea, but I prefer Nature, as far as that goes have heard they are all balanced equally just depends on your likes dislikes here in the forum used to be a starfall guide to help you design or see what different setups were
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    New player any tips?

    if you get through the dialogue but decide t backup you cant. BUT what you can do is jump out of the conversation with the quest giver and you can chat with them again, and they will start the conversation loop from the top all over again. costs you nothing and you gain so much
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    Portal to Southern Marsh

    is an easier way to get there, not as much fun, but there IS a way. In Summers Hollow, IF you did the Gathering sub quest and the Crafters subquest, as part of the reward you recieved a travel stone to lake Kiwa. once activated if you went to the teleport pad in lake kiwa and activated it...
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    to me, it matters not the compensation, though is nice, what matters most is in game and helping other people doing this or that. Have found a most friendly atmosphere severly lacking in other games, the money is of no conesquence, that is terribly not important. What is important is having fun...
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    THIS game only, I see the same thing happening on other games. the thing is people do things like this because THEY think it is FUN, or they are after cash money makes the world go around. what I heard they hacked the data center, what was in the data center were our identifiable emails. the...
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    Servers Down Thursday, Feb 14

    yes, news, they are still down, but I assume the ones in charge are very busy, give more coffee tea and beer to keep going. :)
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    would thoroughly enjoy seeing a few things added in the villagers, 1 big one is double the nodes, 2 nodes for each level type in village. sometimes you want to gather in the village and others are already there doing their thing for the next few hours.. 2 nodes for each would be a huge bonus...
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    I wonder if we need to take extra precautions on our emails ? or need to change passwords for those, for sure do NOT open any emails unknown appear from the game for sure. we hardly get those kind anyway, so we leave those alone for now
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    "Are you stuck?" dialog

    That and getting higher than 30 to be able to vote for zazie (again)