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    The COST of doing this quest is high. The REWARDS for completing the quests leading up to this one are also high. Follow the quest lines; the gold will come.
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    Ardent Membership

    I'm not sure, but I believe Myst is correct. HOWEVER... I once ACTIVATED a new membership that over-rode my existing membership and I lost the remaining days on the old one. That's been a while back and many things have changed lately, but I make sure now to let my non-recurring membership fully...
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    Thank you Otters!

    After six years of complaints, I'm still here... complaining. ;) That said, my biggest complaint is in all that time, I have not found another set of devs or producers that puts half the love and effort into their product, as you guys do, on a daily basis. So, why do I complain? Because unlike...
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    New Ardent Society Membership Plan

    "Our goal is for the Membership to feel truly special. Please let us know what you think!" If the goal was to make Membership "feel truly special" then what I think is that the mission has been accomplished. Thinking back on what the Membership used to offer, I am of the opinion that this new...
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    Feeling Punished as a Villager and confused about how to make money anymore

    We have the event zone at the moment, and another to follow that, and then a short break before yet another. I'm just going to focus on the Halloween-Christmas-Valentines content that is there for a limited time. The new content and all the changes that came with it will still be there in the...
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    Bat Mounts and Robes

    Poor thing can't see where it's going. It's as blind as a b... ummm... nevermind. The robes are an issue with several of the mounts. I recall the devs saying that it was something they were looking at, but I don't imagine it's that high on the priority list.
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    This is not the right location

    Those are in more than one location, but Bevyns is the worst of them I still have one of those in my abandoned quests list, but I finally figured out how to resolve it. Rebirth.
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    Gathering bans.

    I do pretty much what PD is getting at. I will craft, quest, socialize, and many other things while I stock up on supplies. I am currently in the Event Zone and not doing any gathering at all, but still collecting my supplies. When I do get back to the gathering, sometime between Halloween and...
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    Permanent Costume Request

    Good point.
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    OK, you can stop lecturing me about how doable it is.

    Us? Lecture? Heaven forbid. This is just how we show our love. 😙
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    You already have your answer but on pc you can click the [...] icon in the bottom corner of your chat box to display a list of chat commands. I have no idea how or if that works on mobile platforms, but perhaps another android player will come along and enlighten us [hint...hint...].
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    Gathering bans.

    @Muhgi I apologize if I am telling you something you already know, but you mentioned having to use the inferior supplies and there are others that do not know this little trick, so I'll ask it anyhow on the off chance that someone that does need to know will see it. Are you aware that you can...
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    Permanent Costume Request

    I have to agree with Zazie on this one. I find the expiration on effects to be annoying, but if it were not there, I would just activate my bat toy around the first of October and run it continuously until sometime early in November. I know a few others that would run around with a pet on...