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    Seed Spreader and Harvester (and a p.s. for mobile)

    Thank you Ivar. I found the setting to enlarge the map. I'm kind of new to mobile and tablet. Thank you for addressing my other mobile suggestions. I appreciate all y'all do. :D
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    Seed Spreader and Harvester (and a p.s. for mobile)

    I thought it would be nice to have a Seed Spreader and Harvester for our gardens. These would be purchased or obtained other ways (Red Darrig Chests, the Calendar and/or for Ardent Society Members). Let me explain the reason why. Let's say I plant a 9 hour crop. I plant 25 times, water 25...
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    C.O.G. vendors at the Village Beach and Burroughs

    Is it really higher or are you joking? I've always had Ardent Society so. I never look at rent.
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    C.O.G. vendors at the Village Beach and Burroughs

    This would be more of an incentive to move to these places. It would be even better if the Beach and Burrough had ALL the amenities that the topsiders, people who live in the center area, enjoy but just the C.O.G. vendors would be great.
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    Photo on V&H website

    They come in a variety of other colors too for your killing pleasure. LOL
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    PC Payment is live!

    I just tried it and it works great! It even sent a receipt for my crown purchase to my email. Thanks again for getting it working. I've been wanting to get the awesome Reapers Pack. Hugs!
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    Suggestions for spending crowns

    Maybe sockets? Even at max level you will occassionally find or make something better. I also like the Artificer Pack for buffs on crafting. These are just things I like. :-)
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    PC Payment is live!

    Thank you so much for getting the PC payment working. In honor of it working, can we have a crown sale? Please please please. BTW, I don't mind at all if it keeps talkin about the Fury of the Stone Lord. LOL
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    Compensation Gifts Have Been Distributed!

    As always, over and above. Thank you so very much! HUGS!
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    Realm Warden's Dragons

    Since right now the Realm Wardens are just avoided for the most part, how about having the dragons drop things that may or may not be helpful depending on where a player's character is in the game such as a random number of medallions, charter tokens and/or silver. Depending on which dragon is...
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday Feb 23 - March 1

    Beautiful story Nadiria and Frems! I really enjoyed it. :)
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    Create an outfit with the devs - help out finishing the Highwayman design!

    Ivar mentioned this during the livestream and I like this idea. That way over 50% of the players get what they want (adding the votes on design 1 & 2 together). I am for shiny black leather with whatever color accent the Otters like. Making the accents glow or have an aura would be a bonus...
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    Post your Questions for the Devs for their Livestream

    Sometimes when I want to put an item in a vault, for example vault #17, second row, third space in, my mouse goes over another vault and I have to get to 17 again, just drop it on the number and then move it. If it is possible, maybe make it so we have to double click a vault to get in it...