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  1. CHAOS

    If that was true, the entire thread would have been deleted. The fact that it has not proves that different opinions are tolerated. The posts earlier in this thread in which not just one but two moderators expressly state that all opinions are welcome would also seem to contradict your view. As...
  2. Please explain the new gnogmenting...

    Appearances are now decided using the wardrobe and are completely separate from gnogmenting.
  3. Mayoral Madness stuck

    For issues such as this you can also submit a CS ticket by selecting topic other and then other again. The reason it says to submit a bug report is that CS is not meant for FIXING bugs, but they may be able to help with progressing the quest.
  4. Thoughts / Suggestions - Since Earth and Sea Update

    It may not be relevant to whether or not you like something, I agree. It is relevant to comments about the time between updates.
  5. Couple of questions

    Just in case you are going by (outdated) info via the internet, please note that the house perks from house styles were removed in the latest expansion. House styles are purely cosmetic now.
  6. Cannot login

    US1 was down for a while but is now up again. US3 also went down for a few moments but is back up now.
  7. CHAOS

    Yes, but when on Chinese chat, players in English chat can't see your chat anymore (even if you speak in English).
  8. CHAOS

    It's a bit more than a simple case of not being able to speak the language. For various reasons, for players whose language uses a different character set from English, the language setting also hides your chat from players using English. So players whose language setting is English can't see...
  9. CHAOS

    Slightly off topic, but since it came up, for the record, I may not always agree with what is posted, but please do not think that your opinions are not welcome. I certainly would not like to think I or any one else were trying to bully you into not posting. Even as I am fighting tooth and nail...
  10. Botters, cheaters, and exploiters, oh my!

    Hmm... players who in all honesty don't have any means to truly judge if botting is an issue don't see any problem, Devs who have the tools to see if it actually is, know there is a problem - who could possibly be right? It comes down to this - botters, cheaters and exploiters damage the game...
  11. Botters, cheaters, and exploiters, oh my!

    Flooding the system with spurious reports will have only one effect - the exploiters will get away with it since the genuine reports will be lost in the deluge. I VERY strongly suggest not doing this.
  12. Thoughts / Suggestions - Since Earth and Sea Update

    Except adding an appearance to the wardrobe won't make ANY difference to the item itself, so even if rings etc could be added to the wardrobe, it wouldn't have any effect on what you describe.
  13. Thoughts / Suggestions - Since Earth and Sea Update

    The wardrobe is just skins (ie looks in game). Rings, belts and necklaces are not visible on your character, so why have them in the wardrobe? Housing tickets were always in the new character calendar.
  14. One click heal(mobile)

    Select yourself from the party list, same as any other char. You can't heal yourself whilst having another char selected, so you have to change the target of the heal anyway.
  15. Shamans What this?!!!

    Water Shaman has a VERY high instant heal - swift waters. Yes the mana cost is high too, and the cooldown is quite long, but that just means you have to choose when to apply it, not just spam heal/mass heal continuously.