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  1. Village project sign

    No, the number 92 was taken from a previous post. Not the number of actual projects, but the total of all the ranks of the various projects. The major projects are the CoG vendors, the village vault, the four crafting stations, four gathering stations (which increase the capacity of the nodes)...
  2. ''You can play again in 0 days and 1 hour''

    Best I can find right now. Pretty sure this was fixed to be the "this is how we want it to be happening" version in the patch that came soon after this post. Edit to add: It shows Chinese text for some reason, but...

    Yes. And the multiplier is at it's peak up to the 500 000 value mark. Also as I mentioned elsewhere, simply ignore the pelts. Concentrate on the gathers.
  4. Red Darrig key Vendor

    And what I am saying is that, in all probability, none of them did.
  5. Gear

    As was explained at the time that stats were initially added (when a number of players asked pretty much the same question about the names of the stats) the reason for the names is in order to increase "immersion" in the game world. Whether you agree with the concept or not, the fact is the...
  6. Garden/Ranch Storage

    So essentially what you are saying is not everything should be available for free, just everything you personally want?
  7. Village project sign

    There are indeed enhancements which are obtained by developing tailory, smithy and wood crafting stations. Cog is also a project. Generally the projects considered most useful are the CoG vendors, the crafting stations and the Vault, so whilst I agree that a simple number out of 92 possible...
  8. Wardrobe upgrade suggestion

    Indeed, ladies at court, such as Mary Davis, Barbara Villiers, Lucy Walter and Nell Gwynn did indeed wear extremely low cut dresses, as was the fashion at court at the time. But they were hardly warriors. And the behaviour of the court was considered scandalous at the time.
  9. Jeweler could fix economy

    At the time the house buffs were removed it was explained that the reason they were removed was that whenever a character did anything, the game had to check which house buff the character had, which contributed to increased lag - especially when for example a large number of characters were in...
  10. Empyrean Machine

    Village projects can also be a useful boost to levelling crafting and gathering, since you get a small amount of xp when you contribute.
  11. Red Darrig key Vendor

    Yes, but just because people listed them for 100, doesn't mean any of them sold at that price.

    Just added a stack of 350 to an otherwise empty project. The day's total went up to 8 800. Not making a huge dent in the 8 000 000 required to complete that particular project, but still. One other thing is you also get bonus xp in the appropriate craft/gather.
  13. Wardrobe upgrade suggestion

    Actually, in the Northern hemisphere at least, they most certainly did. It's a modern fantasy myth that amazonian warriors rushed into battle without body armour.
  14. Garden/Ranch Storage

    Crown shop (ie real money). The calendar also gives you animal feed (I got 10 today) which feeds the animal ONCE in place of an item you don't have. (so eg if it asks for lettuce which you can't grow yet, you can give it the animal food and it stays happy)
  15. Gear

    Open your character stats page, and hover mouse over each stats name and it does give a tooltip.