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    Fan Friday Fan Friday July 12 - 19

    Amazing! Congrats for the winners!!
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    New Royal Guardians!

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    Our New EU1 Moderator!

    Welcome Sampai!
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    Great ideas! I also find it interesting to put some kind of differential mark on bounties (such as a star over his head), to visually facilitate their location, because often they are the same as the mobs around. I have difficulties reading the quests, names of npcs, I would like to be able to...
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    WINNERS of the Spring Fling Contest

    Congrats everyone!! Thank you Otters and event committee !
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    Server Issues Since March 1 Feedback Needed!

    On March 25, at 10:28 pm (EST) I suffered several disconects, I had difficulty getting back to the game. When I suffered the DC, I was teleporting from the village to Ardent. The error messages reported that he had lost contact with the server, but then returned to the character selection...
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    Wednesday Livestream - Feb 20th!

    Thanks Sarah :) Será às 19:00 hrs no Brasil, horário de Brasilia.
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    Gortrin Passage - The Unfolding Tale

    Thank you very much!!
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    Gortrin Passage - The Unfolding Tale

    This quest has 7 possible endings and you can receive the reward only once for each end. So, if you do the quest 2 times, for example, and repeat the same answers, when you finish the second time, there will be no reward. When you are reborn, it restarts, like every quest. This link shows the...
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    Gortrin Passage - The Unfolding Tale

    Glad to help. Just remember that this end can reach only once in each rebirth (if you repeat the same choices, you will not receive a reward), so for the other 6 possible endings, the choices must be different.
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    Gortrin Passage - The Unfolding Tale

    To get this reward, in addition to collecting the items reported in the guide and talking to all npcs you should be aware of some details: 1 - When talking to npcs, you should talk about others (eg, talk to Raza about Tiko and Gerald), but NEVER tell where they are, this will cause the NPC to...