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    Prisma missing

    Thank you otters!!
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    Prisma missing

    Missing again for more than an hour now after another vale freeze. Bug report sent.
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    Heroic Red Cloister Guide

    I ran the dungeon a lot too and seen them 3 times in the same chamber.Once before the fix. I've seen them near each other, and sometimes one is near the doorway, while the other is on the back of the room xD Thats why yeah, better to scout them first. Even tho they stand separately with other...
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    Red Cloister Boss Feedback

    Gotta share few of our group's several experience with Lady B. Our group usually runs around 7-10am EST when most players are asleep. We usually run it with 5-8 members. We always have smooth runs (finishing runs within 12-15min), and run it about 2-3 times in between prisma time. Today tho...
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    Happy to see that long post crossed out and read the last part that you'll stay ? ??? If you ever find a difficult situation in game which seems like you can't get out of, like what others said, don't hesitate to ask in world chat, here in forum, or in discord. And if you're not comfortable...
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    New Nature Talent is OP

    Not sure if this is a good comparison... Here are the charts for 2 dungeon runs, both Halls, same members (even our 6th player which is healer). Not using the new talent/ultimate: Using the new talent/ultimate: Note that on the second run, there's one zing, but my damage is still relatively...
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    Drom Pad Guide

    Hi everyone! I created this guide about the Drom Pad. ? I made this about a month ago but forgot to share it here lol I also have the teleporters guide but I don't have the time to edit it yet. Hopefully soon! I hope this helps! (It's on a fast forward mode tho, I had to make the video...
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    Reset button for damage charts (mobile)

    Ohhh, and I wasn't aware of closing/reopening charts. I only know that you gotta relog lol but yeah, there's that command, yay! ? It's a bit hassle typing it compared if there's a reset button, but I don't think there's still space for a new button ?
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    Crying over the cost of tears

    This was my computation when the event started (just refer to Concinus' post at the top of this page for details): Main quest gives 1070 tears Panther/mushroom costs 3275 So we'll need 2205 more If one follows their resets pretty strictly (quests and bounties reset every 16hrs) say you do it...
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    Reset button for damage charts (mobile)

    You can reset by typing in chat "/charts reset"
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    Stuck outside Ardent Castle

    Try porting to other zones or typing /die It happened few minutes ago to the whole server (not sure if the whole game tho), it crashed. Everyone at EZ froze in front of prisma, but chat was still working so people let everyone know they will relog. When everyone came back, we were at the same...
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    Heroic Halls Balancing

    I guess premium items were mentioned because others who have posted say they die a lot or get hit too much, thus more rez and hp pots needed. I also heard from a number of players about the difficulty on mana. I have the same problem too. The craftable mana just can't save me, so mostly I have...
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    Grave Bolt can be Resisted

    Not sure how to accurately explain it ? But whenever I use retreat first before hitting anything, it's like I enter an invisible state for a while, and even if I hit a boss from a group, the mobs will continue to ignore me because I removed the threat on myself. That's how I can single pull back...
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    Grave Bolt can be Resisted

    Yup they are deaggro skills, but they can still be used as single pulling :) Use the deaggro skill first then hit the boss you only want to kill, the other mobs won't attack afterwards :)
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    Grave Bolt can be Resisted

    Yeah single pulls are definitely useful on pyrron. When they announced it on livestream, I thought it's gonna be an additional skill so I was excited about it. I didn't know they'll remove the existing ones. Lightning bolt and condemn are way better because of the cooldown. As for retreat and...