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    4.28 - A Tale Of Earth And Sea

    If green is better for village, what if you use the previously used green shade for guild? Then the old orange village chat for guild. Maybe just switch the two. Imo, the previous set of colors were more distinct (except local and whisper). Our guild uses village chat and it usually confuses me.
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    4.28 - A Tale Of Earth And Sea

    It's the quest you get the first time you enter ardent city or summer's hollow after the event goes live, same thing for new toons and newly rebirthed toons. After arriving on EZ, you then get the follow up quest that will serve us guide on the EZ activities, something like that xD Anyway, not...
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    4.28 - A Tale Of Earth And Sea

    I have another question... Will there be an activation quest for the event zone like the halloween and christmas events? If there will be, I hope it won't be activated too early for new toons because new players confuse it to be the main questline instead of event. They accidentally skip taking...
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    4.28 - A Tale Of Earth And Sea

    Okay thank you!! šŸ˜Š
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    4.28 - A Tale Of Earth And Sea

    I have a question about darrig chests... I've been saving locked (from wild) and unlocked (from calendar) chests. After expansion, will they be updated to have the new stuffs? Or are they still gonna give the old stuffs like shards when I open them?
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    Website Part V Revealed: Level Cap Raise, New High-Level Content & New Dungeon

    I had the same concern. I used up all the stones and sockets I have for level 90gears without fear because they "confirmed" during server downtime livestream that there will be no level cap increase in a long time šŸ˜… it's not too big deal for me now tho, at least I was able to use mine for few...
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    Calendar gifts

    Gonna help rearranging latter half of @Giruv 's post :) January: Gallywag's Locker (extra vault space) February: Amulet of Hero's Heart (necklace that give 4% bonus hero exp permanent enchantment) March: Grogul Drakata Mount (a mount) April : Black Pirate Outfit (outfit gnogpack) May : Seed of...
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    WINNERS of the Spring Fling Contest

    Thanks devs and event committee!! And congrats everyone! :D
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    Dungeon System is HORRIBLE

    Edit: I didn't notice the last post was about a month ago already... Sorry... But I'll just leave this here anyway xD ------------------------------------------------ Tbh, I share some of OP's sentiment. I really use a lot of time tweaking my build to be designed really well for dungeon, and...
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    Current Contest Spring Fling Contest #2 - Iconic Movie Scene Reenactments in V&H

    YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! scene in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by Yu Yu and Ru Ru, US3 special mention: Karackus (for special effects)
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    Tranquility and Viper Sting

    Hello! I just noticed that the nature talent Tranquility doesn't read Viper Sting as a nature feat (doesn't add stack to it if it's less than 3 stacks, nor refresh if it's already 3). The other feats are okay with Tranquility and the knife buff Nature's Boon acknowledges Viper Sting when it's...