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    Servers Down Monday, June 10

    hope it fixed rested bug
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    Lost xp at end of dungeon run...

    that's not a bug, when you stay dead at last boss you get item and gold but you never get xp in this way...
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    its not the same problem for all, i asked in guild and others not have that issue, only me
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    Game Performance: Better or Worse?

    since update i had no any lags or issues(don't count my bad internet connection because of weather) So its Better
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    i have the same problem, i also send bug report ... my game is off for many hours and when i come i have only 1 charge of rested or nothing ...
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday May 31 - June 7

    there is raining for about 2 months everyday :/ even was snowing in middle of the may and normally we had 26°C in april... thats not normal in my country
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    Add any quest that will automatically activated after collect of the first medallion from bounty, something like: Collect (x) amount of medallions to buy keys for unlocking new zones, and track way to vendor on traven isles, because many of new players have no idea what to do with them and they...
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    Running out of quests :(

    Once you reach Terratriad reef, you start collecting medallions from bounties, the grey ones, there is vendor near telepad in Traven isles you buy keys from him to unlock zanzidon rega and vega, there you will get green medallions and for those, vendors are in the depths, then you will unlock...
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    I think he mean only monthly prize, not other daily rewards.
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    not for players who play only one character
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    YouTube Dev Livestreams!

    thanks for that, on twitch videos freeze every 3 second for me so now i can watch it clear
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    Mayor Gimmel Glitched

    If she bought starter pack for 30 crowns the apperance will for all hunter characters on her account
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    Mayor Gimmel Glitched

    Once you buy gear, that apperance stays on your account so you no need to re-buy ... you will only lost xp boosts
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    SAC Will Not Load

    I still can't start patcher, try every hour but nothing ... enjoy your playing i have to wait some more
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    SAC Will Not Load

    There is a trick, once game works for you, dont close it.Or first minimize it and start patcher, if patcher works, you can close game but let patcher on your desktop for later play