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    New Ardent Society Membership Plan

    You can subscribe to a monthly Ardent society membership For pc and mobile here:
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    Tiffa on US3 will be offline for a while

    time to die from hunger ... Hope you’ll be back soon :)
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    Hope everybody has a very spooky (yet happy) Halloween!

    I went with the kids but it’s cold and we have huge rain ... so it sucked... Got some candies, people were quite generous Now... my favourite candy ... hmmmm I like black licorice quite a bit Starbursts are a huge winner for me too Also, welcome to V&H ^_^
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    I don’t want to go into the 1000 gold quest, but just FYI, I have a full time job and 2 kids, and I am doing pretty good ingame...
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    Dungeon Runs

    I definitely don’t feel like doing a dungeon run that might need me to pop 1 to 10 rezzies, to get at the end some gold and a piece of gear I will mostly delete. So yeah, mostly grinding medallions in the new zones now
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    This is not the right location

    🤔 I would really hate having housing in V&H
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    Well, to be fair, you did most of the job 🤪
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    Type in chat /gleave
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday Oct 11-18

    Congrats all! Wow Ivyleaf, what is the water well made of ?
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    I can’t find Prince Zaan

    Hi! I think I remember this one, I for sure had trouble with it Did you killed the level 85 elders ? Cause I’m 99% sure you have to kill the 4 of them in the tower before Zaan appears
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    Adding some more Friendly player competitions (Not PVP) to the game

    I remember that Also, the thing is once someone get to the topic those charts, they were kinda staying there forever... At first I was looking at them, I was like 7th highest priest of US3, but then it stopped changing cause we were getting level capped