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    Am I the only one who actually loves the Drom and Depths? Maybe because back in the early days we had to run them several times over for many more medallions than are needed now, so got to know them well! But I dread having to go back to Creation caves, even after several rebirths I still...
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    Prisma missing

    After event zone on US3 froze Prisma has gone awol, missed last 2 spawnings up to now. Bug report sent
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    Red Cloister Boss Feedback

    So it seems the optimal number of players for dg is 6, to defeat the boss, which makes it hard to get into a party with a good chance of completing the dg as the same groups always run daily and extras would compromise their chance of a good run. If dg was meant to bring players together I...
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    Which specs/classes would you recommend for casual solo player ?

    Yes it is definitely possible but you will need help with elders and maybe a few quests in later zones that require many mobs to be killed, however apart from the elders and dungeon you can solo the rest following the main quest, and maybe if you get stuck just ask in world chat for help.
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    Servers Down Monday July 29

    Damon said 10 mins, but then joked and changed it to *soon* šŸ˜„
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    Servers Down Monday July 29

    Sarah said an hour but Damon said on discord 10 mins so take your pick!
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    Veil of Thunder?

    This veil rune is on all the new tokens for all classes, the old ones are still available, so you have a choice. My fury will appreciate this!
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    Rebooting Servers Saturday July 27

    says no servers up US3 sent bug report
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    Character stuck

    Some stuck on way to old Stirling city US3 .
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    Cronk island

    portal is top right on map from Summers Hollow
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    More animal outfits

    Now I want an ostrich polymorph!
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    Heroic Halls Balancing

    Back in the day when we were able to, we used to fight elders with only our weapons and underclothes for challenge and fun! Just saying, not suggesting you should do the same :LOL:
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    Grave Bolt can be Resisted

    Although it does say *IF* rather than *When* so maybe it doesn't always initiate combat! Tho I think it should and so far it has for me.
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    Shaman Names

    I had to laugh when I saw a *KissMyAxe* hope he/she doesn't mind!
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    Shaman Names