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  1. William Hououin

    Villagers & Heroes YouTube Channel [VIDEO ADDED]

    Wow Good job, I’m impressed Really enjoyed it!
  2. William Hououin

    Some V&H Coloring pages

    Woah ! Gonna print that and give it to the kids That’s an amazing idea !!!
  3. William Hououin

    William Hououin Fridays events !

    Hi all! I messed up with the date for the parade. On the poster it’s the 19th, but the parce is tonight, the 17th Sorry and hope I’ll see you tonight !
  4. William Hououin

    Idle Animation

    Yeah, that little twitch they do is kind of annoying Although tbh, I don’t see it that much anymore, but still
  5. William Hououin

    What are your favourite Youtube channels and/or podcasts MMO related ?

    If you’re like me, an like playing and talking about MMOs, you surely listen to some other people talking about it. Or maybe you would like to do so, but you don’t know where to look? Here’s mine: Nerd Slayer Nerd Slayer is a Youtuber...
  6. William Hououin

    Why do we play MMos?

    Awesome story ! Also, my first console ever was the original Gameboy, and I was playing Teenage mutant turtle 1 on it Time has changed a lot, nowadays I am playing a full fledged mmo on my phone ...
  7. William Hououin

    Why do we play MMos?

    Why do we play MMOs ? As for myself, while I really enjoy some MMOs stories (Final fantasy XIV, Villagers and heroes), many jrpg are more enthralling to me. Games such as Persona 3, the tales of series, etc… So, I wouldn’t say I play MMOs for the story. Is it because of the gameplay then ...
  8. William Hououin

    William Hououin Fridays events !

    So usually, I wait until Sunday to post the next Friday event, but next week is a new one, so I can’t wait !
  9. William Hououin

    Website Part VI Revealed: Other News & Improvements

    From what I understand, they will be sellable for red doublons, but you won’t get anymore of them
  10. William Hououin

    Fan Friday Fan Friday May 3 - 7

    Awesome ! Congrats to all!!!!!
  11. William Hououin

    Website Part VI Revealed: Other News & Improvements

    Omg, I will be able to click on a player’s name in chat to whisper to them... thank you Ivar !!!!
  12. William Hououin

    William Hououin Fridays events !

    This Friday on US3 it’s ... Headlines again! I know we did it just 2-3 weeks ago, but I was planning something different, but it’s not ready yet, so anyway, Headlines !
  13. William Hououin

    Merchandising - Part One!

    Whoooot ! Ok Collectable cards (like, the name of an elder boss with a little back story and stats) Stickers Phone cases Poster (autographed poster would be even better) Temporary tattoos (so my kids would look way cooler) Bracelet /pendant (like a necklace with cure would be great for...
  14. William Hououin

    On this pirate day ...

    Couldn’t stop myself ... sorry ..
  15. William Hououin

    William Hououin Fridays events !

    Here’s the event for next Friday ! Last week Poetry was really nice ^_^
  16. William Hououin

    Website Part II Revealed: New Character Looks!

    It has been removed too That said, let’s say hypothetically (it never happens of course) that someone crosses the line, if you click on their name, there’s an ignore and report feature ;)
  17. William Hououin

    Regarding Shamans

    In Quebec we have 2 seasons: Winter, and on July 1st only, summer
  18. William Hououin

    William Hououin Fridays events !

    Another Sunday, another Friday event poster ! How to see you on Friday !
  19. William Hououin

    A Tale of Earth and Sea - Changing Dates and Times

    Wow that’s a great one ! I don’t care if it’s purple or not, looks awesome ^_^
  20. William Hououin

    Is this game dead?

    Short answer to the question would be no