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  1. Auction House sort by level has issues

    Seems like it should be an easy fix, unless those higher lev items are being flagged (ID'd) as something different. Kind of like the reason you can't take the villager pots given out at compensation because they are flagged with a type that is similar to ardent society? Anyway, you can hire me...
  2. Bug reports in game fail to send.

    The section says bugs and technical issues, and so I reported a bug or technical issue. If they know about it, then all good. If not, they can read.
  3. Auction House sort by level has issues

    Reproduce: Select Armor from the menu or accessories etc. Try sort by name, you might see some 90s if lucky, or at least an 84 or 86 piece of gear Try sort by level highest lev at top, the 84+ gear disappears. I am on PC
  4. Bug reports in game fail to send.

    Bug reports fail to send when submitted in game. I am on PC
  5. Gear System Suggestions

    Yeah but its not just the weapon that is an example, legendary rings and amulet were given out for compensation. I mean it was a very nice thing for them to do. But on the other hand you just told us Legendary was possible, but, it is not, Epic is only possible in the wild to my understand...
  6. Gear System Suggestions

    Ok from your perspective, fair enough. Point though is that if you had only crafting as the means to obtain the best gear, adventurer's would be bored. And if it was all adventure, crafters would be bored or disappointed. But we actually have a balanced system right now. We have it...
  7. Dungeon System is HORRIBLE

    Well I never really meant to assume it is counterproductive to level. It just indirectly happens that staying in a state of never having current level gear is what keeps you from being up to par in dungeon. Most never invest crafted runes in lower level gear, I mean I'm sure some do, but I...
  8. Gear System Suggestions

    I did not complete the read myself but I read a good bit and it looks pretty cool. I think first you have to fix the mindset of the staff before they can fix itemization. But I will note here after much experience in various complex rpg and mmo's my opinions. Here are a few things I think...
  9. Dungeon System is HORRIBLE

    I don't know if anyone mentioned, but it might be good to note that the reason lower level players are dragging things down has nothing to do with their level but with their gear. Since they are in constant transition of changing out gear they will likely not have all gear at their level...
  10. Spending Real Money

    But they are not passionate and dedicated about you getting the best bang for your buck, so make sure you choose wisely.
  11. Frigid Acuity and Permafrost

    Keep in mind you must have the primary rune, Frigid on hat, Perma on Chest Armor. The runes on any other armor or accessory etc is a bonus to those 2. If you don't have the rune on armor or hat, you don't get the bonuses from other perma/frigid runes.
  12. Villager Booster Potion not working

    gotcha, I did wonder if that had something to do with it(ardent society). Thanks
  13. Villager Booster Potion not working

    The village booster potions that were given out during compensation. for me they don't work. Even when I have taken nothing no pie or anything I still can't use them.. A message saying something like I am already under the effects of a similar thing. So I still have all the villager pots.
  14. My Suggestions

    I love fine tuning... I love mechanics, I love complexity.. What I don't like is a game that renders all my time perfecting a set of armor useless in the name of providing more content. In my eyes that is not content.. That is actually taking content away to solicit more money or time from...
  15. My Suggestions

    Common, and maybe even standard for all the games that 'you' have played, but certainly not the standard for all games of the RPG mmo genre.. But.. are you thinking for the industry or are you thinking for yourself? Is it just because it is standard that you are ok with it? Or do you like...
  16. My Suggestions

    Where do you get the idea that gear should be temporary? A game can be whatever they make it. I once played a game that all gear was a consumable. weapons and armor could be repaired, but every repair brought down the quality a little bit and more with bad skill, or shattered if enchanted...
  17. Death Lines lvls

    I believe one of the things you are experiencing is the linear approach this game has. = definitely not a sandbox. But you know once you have a cash shop model, everything caters to the shop. Since their only income is the shop, they have to find ways to get you in their. I've only seen one...
  18. My Suggestions

    Just want to first say, quality of life issues are worth fixing.. indirectly.. I do believe it will keep more people around longer, including myself. 1. Please read my suggestions below. 2. Please address bug reports that were submitted in game. I submitted a PC bug that is still not fixed...
  19. Level 90 Zone

    After being in Marshlands a while I don't see the issue myself with the farming alone as a source for stones. It is a little slow at times, but with also the ability to trade.. it seems reasonable. If they make it any faster it will kind of become a pushover I think. What I really don't...
  20. Servers Down Monday Feb 4th

    No patch notes? Anything change other than Grinch lair disappearing?