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  1. Felonius

    Last Guards world of english mmorpg

    I don't think this game needs PvP whatsoever. Not having PvP is one of the things that makes this game different. Having PvP might be fun for about 5 minutes, but the cost to the friendly community would not be worth it. Not only would it not be fun in the long run, the devs would practically...
  2. Felonius

    Safe Gaming for Kids

    We as gamers can help when we actually see behavior like this happening. Unfortunately this predator behavior happens under the radar not in the open, these predators are sick, not stupid. So there really is not a whole lot we can do. I am usually pretty quick on jumping on someone who is...
  3. Felonius

    Safe Gaming for Kids

    While I am all for keeping kids safe, that is the parents responsibility to do so. It can be a difficult conversation to have, but they need to talk to them about all the dangers of gaming and the people in it. All the problems in the gaming world are pretty much the same as in the real world...
  4. Felonius

    C.O.G. vendors at the Village Beach and Burroughs

    It's not that difficult to get back up top from the lower areas, there are teleporters all over and they are free.