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  1. IrishElf

    Sickle Shield and weapons gnog pack

    I really would like to buy the Sickle/weapon gnog pack we got in the daily log in gifts. I'm loving the looks and want it on my other characters!
  2. IrishElf

    From discord: Sarah OtterToday

    Sarah OtterToday @everyone -- We are taking the servers down shortly one by one to implement the compensation package for all players!
  3. IrishElf

    How about adding an auto-dump feature for shared vault?

    When you stop or lose the second shared vault, there is no way to retrieve the items in the second shared vault. So I am asking if it would be possible to make an auto-dump feature that would put all the items in the second shared vault into the overflow bag?
  4. IrishElf

    A Huge THANK YOU to Mad Otter

    This is a HUGE THANK YOU to Mad Otter for the extraordinary efforts and steps you have taken during this trying time. You could have just "ducked and covered" and not gone to such extreme efforts as you have done. Your posting all over, interacting with all of us on multiple places and sites...
  5. IrishElf

    Post your Questions for the Devs for their Livestream

    Post questions for the devs to talk about us about on the next livestream. Please don't ask about the new content or updates, but do make suggestions, ask about the game or whatever makes you go HMMMM.