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  1. Lord Pyrrus

    Seed Spreader and Harvester (and a p.s. for mobile)

    I thought it would be nice to have a Seed Spreader and Harvester for our gardens. These would be purchased or obtained other ways (Red Darrig Chests, the Calendar and/or for Ardent Society Members). Let me explain the reason why. Let's say I plant a 9 hour crop. I plant 25 times, water 25...
  2. Lord Pyrrus

    C.O.G. vendors at the Village Beach and Burroughs

    This would be more of an incentive to move to these places. It would be even better if the Beach and Burrough had ALL the amenities that the topsiders, people who live in the center area, enjoy but just the C.O.G. vendors would be great.
  3. Lord Pyrrus

    Realm Warden's Dragons

    Since right now the Realm Wardens are just avoided for the most part, how about having the dragons drop things that may or may not be helpful depending on where a player's character is in the game such as a random number of medallions, charter tokens and/or silver. Depending on which dragon is...
  4. Lord Pyrrus

    A V&H Valentines Gift

    Look what I got for Valentines
  5. Lord Pyrrus

    Found This on the Web

    Made me laugh. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
  6. Lord Pyrrus

    Personal Teleporter

    Would it be difficult to create a personal teleporter npc, only visible to us, standing next to our house door? Besides the convenience, a minor plus would be that we know we are at the right house.