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  1. Gnogmenting and Socket costs

    The two axes I was referring to were also crafted axes. They were both part of a batch of ten I made. Despite having the exact same rune and stats, one was considered "better" than the other. At a guess, one did 42.2 damage and the other 42.3, although both showed as "42". The auto gnog system...
  2. Gnogmenting and Socket costs

    If the auto gnogmenting chose a rune which is almost the same but which it considers stronger from the weapon that you were using to add the fire mastery rune, it considers that you changed one rune and upgraded another, so charges you 2 sockets. I had something similar happen with my water...
  3. POLL : Water Shaman - How do you feel ?

    Once you complete the second water talent (Mana Spring) the ultimate (Attune to water) allows you to switch to ranged auto attack.
  4. VHPatcher.exe gives error "Unable to download launcher."

    Sounds like a possible case of your antivrus blocking the download. With Norton, I have to have the launcher, patcher and game all listed as exceptions for it to work correctly.
  5. Servers Down July 15th!

    EU1 back up
  6. Servers Down July 15th!

    Servers just went down a few moments ago.
  7. New Nature Talent is OP

    The obvious question, given that you have obviously changed your build to include the new ultimate is had the other characters altered theirs?
  8. Condemn resisted on Ladder Fae

    I may be wrong, but I seem to remember that was always ineffective in event zones
  9. Unlocking Dungeons

    Just offering this as a possibility - have those who are unable to enter Cloister done a Salvation run since the expansion? Maybe you need to have completed HoS since Cloister was added to enter it.
  10. Unlocking Dungeons

    When each new portion of the main quest has appeared, it has been possible to pick up the quest from the beginning of the new story, even on rebirth, as I remember (eg you can talk to Lady Phillippa in Ardent whether you complete the malicious miscreant or not). If dungeons are always going to...
  11. Problem with gear appearence

    Any item that you gain NOW and in the future will go into the wardrobe when you put it on - crafted gear, drops, elder gear, or event items. Items you had before the expansion will not go into the wardrobe.
  12. Thoughts on color change for Guild Chat

    Well I can't speak for the US servers or EU2, but at least as far as I am concerned, on EU1, mod chat already is "majenta" (Not that I have a power complex or anything!)
  13. The Surge of the Shaman Challenge!

    I think everyone is taking this a little too seriously - it's not the Olympics guys, it's a fun challenge to give a little boost to the launch of the new class.
  14. 4.28 - A Tale Of Earth And Sea

    The feats which sparked fusions (bleeds etc) existed before fusions were introduced. Removing fusions has no bearing on the spell effects which caused them.
  15. The Song Title Game (pt2)

    Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
  16. The Song Title Game (pt2)

    Squeeze - Vanity Fair
  17. The Surge of the Shaman Challenge!

    I think the difference here is that everyone starts off at the same place. Whilst it is undoubtedly true that those who were first to reach level 90 had to work hard to do that, it was hardly an even chance for all with some chars already at cap, completed all rebirths, with legendary gear and...
  18. Account Login

    CS ticket. (link above)
  19. Our New EU1 Moderator!

    Welcome, Sampai
  20. Xp boost

    To answer the simpler question first, yes, the bounty token and Ardent membership do stack. (As do the rested bonus and rebirth bonus when applicable.) The second is more difficult to answer. Side quests are generally relatively low in xp compared to the time they take, but there is no doubt...