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  1. ChangingSpots

    The Highwayman!

    I'm rather partial to the Backroads (brown) option. They all do look really good! I really enjoyed the creative process and have a new appreciation for Ivar's patience as well! Thank you~~
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    Merchandising - Part One!

    More MoCo (could be more coffee for Mad Otter COnnects)
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    The Goat of US1

    And now I've got that song playing in my head! ....take it easy..... Thanks for the laughs! :geek:
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    Noob Issues

    Oh! I wondered how I could see the "same" characters on US1 and US3 (I just thought maybe it was a special power like being a Moderator!) Thanks for the enlightment~~
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    William Hououin Fridays events !

    The parade was great! Thank you so very much for organizing it~~:geek:
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    William Hououin Fridays events !

    A parade!?! I love parades! :love:
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday May 3 - 7

    Amazing and wonderful and Thank You especially to Imp!
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    Word Word Association

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    Spending Real Money

    Welcome to the game! Like many others, I also am an Ardent Society member. I especially love the free travel, the extra shared vault, and the XP bonus. I also purchase crowns to buy sockets and some animal feed and the occasional mount. My monthly budget for gaming is less than $30 USD and all...
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    Current Contest Spring Fling Contest #1 - Bake off!

    Love it, Katniss! You are a mind-reader. I was very much thinking of human heart shapes rather than valentine's heart shapes. Does this make us abby-normal?
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    I am a low level player, none of my toons have advanced beyond level 38. I have refrained from asking for help, mostly because I do enjoy the game and I want to experience everything it offers. When I have been helped on elder runs by higher level toons, I do feel like a useless sack of potatoes...
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    The final chapter of the book is now open!

    A joyous lifting of my spirits today!
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    Chapter VI of the book is now open!

    Wowza! Made me cry ~~
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    Fan Friday Fan Friday March 15 - 22

    Mutsie = LOL!
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    Word Word Association

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    Chapter V of the book is now open!

    Dawnfire, I also noticed the seventh chapter marker! I'm hoping that it means even more from Sarah about the twins. Perhaps their story is taking on a life and dimension of its own~~
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    Let's Play! Livestream with Diet

    Love my Otter livestreams!
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    Word Word Association

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    Word Word Association