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  1. IrishElf

    Heroic Halls Balancing

    Whole heartedly agree, there is far too much power in the AOE feats of some of them. Same with the 85 Elders, those AOE's are a bit too much.
  2. IrishElf

    When are Crown Bonus events?

    Sales do pop up in the store often, keep watching for one.
  3. IrishElf

    We have added many new assets for belts, rings, necklaces, trinkets, spellbooks, hunting knives, bracers, and scepters.

    I have seen many new pieces of art on the trinkets (one was a green gem) in my hunt for the new calling feat. That might be exactly what they mean.
  4. IrishElf

    Fan Friday Fan Friday July 12 - 19

    Congratulations winners!
  5. IrishElf

    Shamans What this?!!!

    Please keep your replies respectful or this thread will be closed.
  6. IrishElf

    Google Playstore Feature!

    We've had new people all day in US1 and it's been so fun! They are asking lots of questions and are such nice people... this is great!
  7. IrishElf

    Female Clothes Suggestion

    Even male armor has boobs LOL
  8. IrishElf

    4.28 - A Tale Of Earth And Sea

    I've not been lucky to find the new trinket with my priest but I agree, I want my old condemn back. Condemn had a long enough refresh at 15 seconds. At 2 1/2 minute refresh, I won't be doing much solo hunting, probably park my priest and warrior again. I'm sad!
  9. IrishElf

    Thoughts on color change for Guild Chat

    Could you switch Guild chat back to the pretty kelly green it used to be. I have seen people comment they find the purple color the guild chat is now difficult to read
  10. IrishElf

    Thoughts / Suggestions - Since Earth and Sea Update

    Oh I forgot that... I was perplexed many times after using the luckiniums and the lucky potions to see nothing at all drop! Zero, not even pelts! Which btw are in abundance :) But please... turn up the find % on these rare drops! PLEASE??
  11. IrishElf

    Thoughts / Suggestions - Since Earth and Sea Update

    I don't even want to talk about luck! My toons have none! Someone else had to come help me find the necklace for the speech quest in the Depths. Even with lucks it would not drop. I had to go back and click the NPC again and then it dropped. :P Before the update I could not find one cure...
  12. IrishElf

    Female Clothes Suggestion

    But... I remember finding this game a long time ago and was impressed that the outfits and text was so very respectful of women! I am happy V&H has held that standard when all others in the gaming world have been making the outfits with less and less modest coverage. I like the way the artists...
  13. IrishElf

    Female Clothes Suggestion

    Some guys (kids) call everyone BRO because as was pointed out by one who shall remain nameless ... MMORPG = Many Men Online Really Playing Girls HA HA HA
  14. IrishElf

    Earth Shaman leveling struggles

    Make sure you do not have any masteries mixed on gear. (look at if the gear says water or earth mastery and remove the wrong one. I see you have 107 water mastery.) I found after Starfall if I mixed shadow and holy priest masteries on gear my priest was fairly weak and ineffective.
  15. IrishElf

    4.28 - A Tale Of Earth And Sea

    Here is a comparison and the odd thing is the colors on the screenshots look different slightly on my paint program than what is actually showing here, but ingame the yellow is a brighter yellow in village chat than shows here on the paint program. So I guess it's just different programs.
  16. IrishElf

    Botters, cheaters, and exploiters, oh my!

    The devs know the difference. :)
  17. IrishElf

    4.28 - A Tale Of Earth And Sea

    My "village" chat is more yellow than this. My "Looking for" is golden like that is.
  18. IrishElf

    New Royal Guardians!

  19. IrishElf

    4.28 - A Tale Of Earth And Sea

    Village chat is a light yellow to me and my guild.
  20. IrishElf

    Servers Down July 15th!

    US1 is back up, sorry for the inconvenience.