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  1. Lost house bonuses discussion

    Thanks for the explanation Sarah, I figured it was something techy. It makes it much easier to digest a change when the reason is presented. Just curious why the large amount of gold for a new look wasn't decreased since we aren't getting a bonus perk with it now.
  2. Cannot login

    EU-EN just went down for me, cannot login to any other server now. Thanks for your quick response Sarah:)
  3. Unable to gnog

    I got the same message when I tried to gnog 2 items together...1 item had runes, the other did not. It wanted me to choose runes from both items and would not let me proceed. Since the other item had no runes I had to give up.
  4. CHAOS

    Would this work to keep the players who can't communicate from killing all the Prismas in alternate zones before a call out will allow players to get there on time? That is the solution I am wracking my brain to come up with. Whether or not they get a reward may not be enough to stop the...
  5. CHAOS

    That's why I suggested they choose which one they want to use and are denied entering the other after that. Using different colored tears may still cause a problem with getting more than they should from the duration of the event. Maybe they could only collect one color and once chosen would not...
  6. CHAOS

    Wonder if it would be possible to make duplicate event zones on those servers with a large population of players unable to communicate. They would choose which event zone to play according to their language and once chosen would not be able to visit the other event zone for the duration of the...
  7. We have added many new assets for belts, rings, necklaces, trinkets, spellbooks, hunting knives, bracers, and scepters.

    Yes, I noticed Alfred no longer looks like a gnome zog, so I don't have to worry about throwing him away by accident. He's very classy looking now in my pack:)
  8. Gnogmenting and Socket costs

    This is a great idea, especially for those who are still learning how the new gnogmenting works! You could also use a dropped inferior item to put that rune onto. Just watch that the level of that inferior item is equal to or less than your item. I think you hit on a great use for inferior...
  9. Female Clothes Suggestion

    Definitely NO on that suggestion. I am happy this game doesn’t objectify the female characters in that way. It’s been like that since the beginning. Let’s not go there now please.
  10. Server Disconnects Thursday July 11th

    Just got kicked out of game. Message said something wrong with the master server. Can’t get back in. Hope everything is going to be ok. Did someone trip over the cord and pull the plug??
  11. Crown store crafting & gathering tools

    Good luck. When I bought them a few years ago they became soul bound upon opening the pack and equipping them. I had to buy a pack for each character. I just recently learned that some players had account bound tools and wondered why. It’s been a few years now. It’s water under the bridge. I am...
  12. Crown store crafting & gathering tools

    I bought mine in a pack and they have always been soul bound as soon as I equipped them. This was several years ago after the gold gathering tools were removed from the game. I play on SAC and have bought crowns regularly for years now and there was no soul bound restriction on crowns or other...
  13. Crown store crafting & gathering tools

    Tooltip on those tools says ‘Binds when equipped’. The gathering tools I have are soul bound to the character I use them on. I have heard some players say theirs are account bound. The ones I have on several characters are most definitely soul bound. I am curious why some players can share them...
  14. Catch Me If You Can!

    Bumping this up so anyone double checking times doesn't have to search for it :)
  15. Giveaway Winners from Livestream -- IMPORTANT

    There is a player named Draigs in the Gurkhas guild on eu-en server. Possibly it’s him?
  16. Servers Down Monday, June 3rd

    We have liftoff!! Once Avast acknowledged that the VHSetup(6).exe file was clean, which I did keep insisting that it was, but when does a virus program ever listen to anyone, it allowed the download from the link Sarah posted. It gave me a bit of a fit at first, had to keep insisting to...
  17. Servers Down Monday, June 3rd

    This is what I got when I tried what you said. wish I could figure out how to post photos from my phone, but I can't so... Error ShellExecuteEx failed; code 255 The extended attributes are inconsistent. and immediately after that I got this message from Avast VHSetup(6).exe It's been submitted...
  18. Servers Down Monday, June 3rd

    The bug report I just tried to send failed. I really don't think I got any kind of an update at all.
  19. Servers Down Monday, June 3rd

    I have to have the launcher in my exceptions or the game wouldn't have launched after the hack. There are four exe files in my exceptions for the game
  20. Servers Down Monday, June 3rd

    It honestly doesn’t seem like it’s updating at all. It’s going through verify assets quickly and never started an update procedure like it’s always done in the past. I did check to see if game was still on my exceptions list in my Avast also.