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  1. New Royal Guardians!

    Congrats all!
  2. MOBILE Camera Rotation Oversensitivity.

    Maybe with the new servers and everything feeling very snappy, it's giving the illusion of increased rotation sensitivity. I'm also probably just crazy. :ROFLMAO:
  3. MOBILE Camera Rotation Oversensitivity.

    No, I never have that enabled. The rotation camera just feels way too sensitive to me recently, but seemed slower in the past. I only thought of the slider idea as I was typing up the post. Maybe they will add it someday. :giggle:
  4. MOBILE Camera Rotation Oversensitivity.

    Hi Otters, I've noticed that the right thumb camera rotation sensitivity seems to have been increased recently (or I'm crazy) to the point that it has an almost "slippery" feeling when rotating around. I'm not demanding that it be reduced or anything, because some may actually like it, but would...
  5. Chapter V of the book is now open!

    Interesting. Well, I guess we will find out here soon, unless they decide to wait to reveal info on the shamans on the last week of expansion reveals. Lets hope they aren't that evil lol.
  6. Chapter V of the book is now open!

    So good Sarah! I didn't want the chapter to end lol. It's going to be a long week waiting to read the conclusion.
  7. Dungeon System is HORRIBLE

    I feel the exact opposite. I love having players of all levels come and join our runs on US3. If we had an elitist attitude and only ran with lvl 80+ then the lower levels would never get any runs done. Lower levels for one reason or another, simply do not do well at rounding up players of...
  8. Chapter IV of the book is now open!

    Ooh things are sure getting interesting! I know it hasn't been confirmed yet, but IF this is a new class, then I am now guessing that the three elements will be Earth/Wind/Water. Wind being the center talent. I'm not sure when this story takes place in Ardent's history besides it being post...
  9. Compensation Gifts Have Been Distributed!

    The outfit will come free when the expansion is released, but who knows, they may surprise us with it earlier than we expect ;)
  10. Compensation Gifts Have Been Distributed!

    Thank you Otters! The extension on the legend chests was an awesome surprise! You guys rock!
  11. Buying Crowns from Other Players - Bad Idea

    I hope this post doesn't mean it happened again recently. Why can't people just be honest players?
  12. Chapter III of the book is now open!

    I meant I didn't want to post spoilers to the chapters if someone is reading our posts and havn't read the story yet. That would be rude. Not sure why you thought I meant I knew spoilers beyond the story already posted for us.
  13. Will there be a us4

    They created US2 in 2014 and created US3 4 years later in 2018. Seeing as how Us3 is only a year old, (February 2018) I wouldn't expect a US4 for a very long time, but only the devs know for sure ;)
  14. Chapter III of the book is now open!

    Earth/Water will be the main elements, or maybe it will be called Earth/Sea. I would explain more, but don't want to post spoilers ;)
  15. Legend items from compensation

    But then at 26:05 Cameron corrects what they were both saying and said, "Well it will just be in the inventory. The timer will start as soon as it is handed to them." When he said handed, he meant when the compensation appears in your bag. I think we need a dev to put their two cents in lol.
  16. Legend items from compensation

    Yes, that was my understanding as well. I couldn't convince these players so I started second guessing myself.
  17. Legend items from compensation

    Yes, I remember the legendary weapon chest we recieved during the Halloween event. I was going off what Cameron and Sarah were discussing at 26:00 on the February 28th Twitch livestream. Cameron said that the chests will have 24hr timers and will go directly into our bag and then he corrected...
  18. Legend items from compensation

    Hi, a few of us in world chat were discussing the legend items we will be recieving from the compensation and it seems a few are confused about them. I told them that we will be recieving 24hr timed chests directly into our bag and that we will not be able to save them. I said that we must open...