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  1. Deathtiny_US1

    Still cant type any Chinese word in game on PC!

    this is really a big bug for a long time, even in chat, in mail, or in everywhere in this game on PC, cant type any Chinese word! i try some word else and found all full-width word cant be type on PC, like Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc. it really make the communication so hard for ppl who use...
  2. Deathtiny_US1

    What happened to our old forum?

    try visit old forum but cant, why is it? have it been closed? there is lots of things useful in old forum but not in new forum, is there no way to read it? hope not :(
  3. Deathtiny_US1

    made a pic for daliy meds of toy-quest

    Is it useful for you ?:D