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  1. High Inquisitor

    One click heal(mobile)

    I am very pleased that now on mobile devices you can heal a person in a group just by clicking on his name. But one question remains: how can I quickly heal myself if I chose another person to target?
  2. High Inquisitor

    Shamans What this?!!!

    I am very upset and very angry. I ask you to forgive those who have my post cause negative reactions. But I can’t keep silence. We waited half a year for the shamans and what did we get? Bad tank and bad healer? I wondered, was the priest so bad that you decided to make the class worse than the...
  3. High Inquisitor

    More Events

    We need more events. Now we have 5 events. We need to have 6 events. What would be 1 month event, 1 month rest and so all year round. And make an event schedule. Because of the hack attack, I missed the SweetValentine Event. I’m angry because I now have to wait a whole year, because of what hack...
  4. High Inquisitor

    Dungeon system

    On densely populated servers, this often happens in a dungeon. In dungeon-assorty: high level, low level, all together, everyone speaks different languages and it’s impossible to agree. To spoil the golden rank of a group, you need to kill 1 boss for the quest and 4-8 mobs on the quest .and...
  5. High Inquisitor

    Last Guards world of english mmorpg

    Respected otters. When is the game going to have PvP? I want to remind you that if WoW didn’t have PvP, it would not have become an icon in the world of mmorpg. If there was no PvP in Order and Chaos, then it would also be famous. Now in the market mmorpg all Asians captured and perverted this...
  6. High Inquisitor

    Buf-Elder Soul

    I got level 90 and they gave me buf-Elder Soul. 1- How many levels of this buff? 2- How many crowns does he give? 3-If I do Rebirth and get level 90 again, will the buf-exp continue? Or will I have to raise the level of Elder Soul without buf-exp ?
  7. High Inquisitor

    New class?Realy?

    Dear Otters. I read new chapters of the book. Are you planning a new shaman class? Specialization earth and water? Earth dd, water heal ?:unsure:
  8. High Inquisitor

    Joyous madness

    Joyous madness Maybe I seem too gloomy, but ... When will the bugs be fixed after the hacker's attack-term? When will the payment be due? When will the Sweet Event be? When will update about which you spoke on the stream? But no.we will be happy because the game developer will play his game...
  9. High Inquisitor

    Death Lines lvls

    I would like to share my observations. When people drop out of VH. I called them lethal levels. Death levels are 30-35, at this time the main quest ends and the player is left alone with the world. if the player survived and continued to play, then the next death level starts from 80lvl, when...
  10. High Inquisitor


    Spam. In the game on a mobile device there is a lot of spam in the game. For example: you killed a bounty, they write to you you killed a bounty, collected liandras gift, and etc. But the most nightmare begins when you collect resources .when collecting tips, they fail to write what they...
  11. High Inquisitor

    Bug Gobazolla 85

    From fish spot level 85, drop level gobazolla level 75. Where is level 85 gobazolla? I saw wildbusters at run speed of level 85, and where is gobazolla level 85? Why is gobazolla level 85 not droped from level 85 spot? Jewerly stone 85 level -good drop, but gobazolla 85 not. Please fix this bug.
  12. High Inquisitor

    Autoselection item in the sale

    Autoselection of the subject in the sale. When the game update to BlackTrush function appeared auto-selection of items for sale. Because of this funnction, the game during the sale began to lag heavily and often at the sale you can sell something accidentally. This happens on IOS and Android...
  13. High Inquisitor

    How to increase socializarion in the game?

    How to increase socialization in the game? Boost dmg simple mobs x2 Boost dmg bounty x3 Boost dmg elders x2 Increase the experience x20% for each member party. reduce total received combat expiriens -50% All this test on testservers, make a correction and run.
  14. High Inquisitor

    Boars and Sheeps

    Boars and Sheeps Now the feeding system is inconsistent. Two types of animals eat food with gathering. Two types of animals with a vegetable garden. This is not bad but the archers are crying. They are at a disadvantage. In order to craft selfgear they need to kill mobs and grow boars, but they...
  15. High Inquisitor

    New classes HighLvLBattleSpec and Quest to spec?

    Think of a difficult quest to get high combat specialization in 90 lvl. For example, bring questgiver 1k wolftails 1k ore 1 apricots every day. And so 1,10,20 months for example. High combat spec is an enhancement of 3 skills. for example, holy priest battle direction (strengthening light...
  16. High Inquisitor

    Arboretum and Ground progect in Village

    Arboretum in the City. There are very few tree species in the Arboretum: only two. Changing the color of the trees is not interesting. From all cosmetic village projects, the best is the weather machine. Arboretum and Ground require processing. I do not like two types of trees in the arboretum...
  17. High Inquisitor

    Exp and Locations in HighEndContent

    Suggestions for changing the experience. There is a proposal to link the main quest at level 35 with level 55. Connect the story between Aberdins Cave and Scamander with Saphiria Lamet and Lord Pirrus. all remaining and unused lowLvlLocations in the main quest cut and add to HighEndContent, so...
  18. High Inquisitor

    Ночной Дозор

    Гильдия Ночной Дозор приглашает всех желающих к себе на германский сервер.Мы прокачены,мы одеты,мы убиваем всех босов,у нас свой прокаченый город и я там мэр.Если у тебя проблемы в игре по сюжету и развитию переходи на германский сервер и вступай в Ночной Дозор!:p
  19. High Inquisitor


    Translation is terrible, when will the normal translation? Maybe you need help?
  20. High Inquisitor

    Golden Sheeps

    golden sheep, profitable or not? how much is the maximum selling price? how long does it take to feed for the maximum price ?