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  1. CalmWind

    Progression, Endgame & The Open World

    Great ideas but you put alot of work into something that's not going to change. Why not try to land a gig as a game/content creator for a new game?
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    What items qualify as preparation items for crafting specialization?

    When you speak to Steery in Ardent City about Crafting Specializations he gives a very detailed description of all the specializations along with warning you several times along the way that the decision is final and can't be changed. Here is what he says: The developers must always deliver...
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    Ahh the depths got him before the Drom did, lucky him!
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    The mayor in the village

    This is just a side story but I made an alt awhile ago and and put her in a random village... Anyways long story short they turned it into a private guild village and made it into a really beautiful place. They absolutely wanted me out... but I have to say there was no harassment and they were...
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    Crying over the cost of tears

    Thank you all for the maths --- I wanted to do it myself but did have the energy, lol :D
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    What game if you crossover it with V&H will make your ideal game?

    Maybe Pokemon??????? I wish Zogs were trading cards and we had 5 slots to put the cards into to. Different cards give different stats, common, rare, epic, legendary and you can fill the 5 card slots with your zog cards, trade them, upgrade them, etc. Pokemon cards!
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    Game has gotten way too hard

    The game has completely changed. Make a new character and level it through Pyrron and report back. The same goes for people still telling new players to save all their sockets until lvl 75+. The struggle is real. It's all changed it's a different playing field.
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    The Surge of the Shaman Challenge!

    No I am not doing that challenge, trying to level and rebith the most effective way, and rebirthing at 60 and then shooting to 90 will just take me more time in the long run haha. I also wanted to enjoy the event, etc. SO no challenge for me :) I also have OCD and I can't do that out of order...
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    The Surge of the Shaman Challenge!

    I've rebirthed 3 times already on my Earth Shaman... each rebirth gets a little bit easier but I am still unsure if I am *in love* with my shammy yet. Will have to wait until I'm all leveled up.
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    Shaman with earth focus, attackers don't "take damage with each attack" as stated

    Earth shaman should have thorns when attune to Earth is active I wrote about this in another post, the description says it should.
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    Grave bolt

    I wish Grave bolt timer would be reduced... by a lot. I don't see why it is so long, meaning, I don't see it as such a great advantage that it needs to be so long. I wouldn't even mind if it did no damage, just pull. At this point I'm better off using a better option and skip grave bolt all...
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    Problem with gear appearence

    So the weapon and shield can't be hidden, something to do with how our characters function when they are attacking, has to do with graphics. I can't explain it well lol
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    Couple of questions

    Yes buy on PC, it will open up a browser and you can choose a subscription. It will transfer to mobile if it's the same account. House tickets are in the new player calander and that house start bundle. Those are the only way to get house tickets, otherwise you use gold to buy your house add...
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    Botters, cheaters, and exploiters, oh my!

    I always love when Damon replies, his posts are always so clear and concise.
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    Gnogmenting and Socket costs

    You guys think this is an accident? :unsure:
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    Google Playstore Feature!

    For all the new players to the game, here is a re-post of the best video created and performed by Impresario. Everything you need to know as a new player is in this video :)
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    Shamans What this?!!!

    I think this is such an important message to put out there... Mobs are stronger, experience is harder to come by, etc etc, this is important for everyone to understanding x10
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    Red Cloister Benedicta

    Oh snap! I know Lord P was building a new army........
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    Shamans What this?!!!

    Also can a mod delete OP's link to youtube, thanks
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    Botters, cheaters, and exploiters, oh my!

    My response to people asking me if I'm a bot is "do you have a life" then block