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    Hall of Salvation I found it difficult to figure out how to lead a group through the dungeon Halls of Salvation, because the clock was always ticking and I never had time to study the quest and map. I hope this map/quest text can help others. The green, red, blue, yellow and purple marked...
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    Pyrron Zones

    Pyrron Zones Overview Pyrron Zones The Stone Gardens lv 55-70 (quests and gathering zone) Krockroe Village (quests, crafting, vault and vendors) Earning Blue Obsidian Medallions Sapphira's Lament lv 55-57 [lv52] Pyrron Courtyard lv 56-57 [lv53] Pyrron Lower Keep lv...
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    Zone list - where can I go!

    To guide you through the zones, here's a list with the level of the bounties in all the zones. #15 means there are 15 bounties in the zone. [lv 55] means you need to be level 55 to get credit for all the bounties in the zone. Elders are listed with a number (lv 30) for the elder gear /...