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  1. Zeph

    Ardent Society Membership Update

    I miss the sockets and rezzies but would not pay for membership if the xp were to be taken away. I work odd hours and cannot always play at regular times and the xp makes up for missing the hours of play. Maybe give us a choice of which benefits of membership to accept, but I would hate to...
  2. Zeph

    Need a price for Rare sword

    I had this sword a few years ago but can't remember from where. It may have been an elder sword from when we had to get them from rift frags, but can't be sure. I also had a green one like that. Haven't seen one for a very long time.
  3. Zeph

    Can no longer access forum on my macbook.

    A running sequence of bytes and the same message from all the sites
  4. Zeph

    Can no longer access forum on my macbook.

    I just have the one router at home, 2 PC's on powerline, mac on wi-fi tablets on wi-fi , the tablets can access forum as can pc's.
  5. Zeph

    Can no longer access forum on my macbook.

    Yes, I have the link saved and also input again to make sure. It was ok earlier, havent done anything to cause it, it's been ok since forums started, I can't understand it!
  6. Zeph

    Can no longer access forum on my macbook.

    I used to be able to access the forums on my macbook air which was convenient when I was not on PC. Now I get the site can't be reached , madottergames unexpectedly closed the connection. ERR_connection_closed. I turned off firewall and antivirus to make sure that wasn't blocking...
  7. Zeph

    Npc in equinox

    I hadn't got the pop-up and teleported via the map from village.
  8. Zeph

    4.30 - Sands Of The Equinox

    I thought these were like ordinary bounties, able to be soloable? Or am I mistaken? Maybe the sand got in my eyes ! They seem more like zingara.
  9. Zeph

    BFG Update?

    Pretty sure King Leo and family were in BFG at one time, maybe someone remembers that. We used to have guild runs every week in there to get charter tokens, but could do it solo also with care.
  10. Zeph

    Rogue / Assassin Class?

    I'd like to see a bard, who could put mobs to sleep with his music!
  11. Zeph

    Does anyone still have pictures?

    You might look under "A Mystical Land" which is what it was called back in the beginning :)
  12. Zeph

    Travel Costs

    Elk's shadow used to scare everyone who ran past without knowing! Johnny Serano was there too up on the hill if I remember! There was no Greenhaven then! and yes cap was 20, we were so pleased with ourselves to beat Lady's fate as a party!
  13. Zeph

    Heard it through the grapevine

    Back in 2011 I wanted a game to keep me occupied in the evenings. Searched on the net for MMO's and found A Mystical Land , a browser game! I could play on mac back then, loved it so much I bought a PC when it was no longer supported for macs. Have played on and off on 4 servers ever since.
  14. Zeph


    Am I the only one who actually loves the Drom and Depths? Maybe because back in the early days we had to run them several times over for many more medallions than are needed now, so got to know them well! But I dread having to go back to Creation caves, even after several rebirths I still...
  15. Zeph

    Prisma missing

    After event zone on US3 froze Prisma has gone awol, missed last 2 spawnings up to now. Bug report sent
  16. Zeph

    Red Cloister Boss Feedback

    So it seems the optimal number of players for dg is 6, to defeat the boss, which makes it hard to get into a party with a good chance of completing the dg as the same groups always run daily and extras would compromise their chance of a good run. If dg was meant to bring players together I...
  17. Zeph

    Which specs/classes would you recommend for casual solo player ?

    Yes it is definitely possible but you will need help with elders and maybe a few quests in later zones that require many mobs to be killed, however apart from the elders and dungeon you can solo the rest following the main quest, and maybe if you get stuck just ask in world chat for help.
  18. Zeph

    Servers Down Monday July 29

    Damon said 10 mins, but then joked and changed it to *soon* ?
  19. Zeph

    Servers Down Monday July 29

    Sarah said an hour but Damon said on discord 10 mins so take your pick!
  20. Zeph

    Veil of Thunder?

    This veil rune is on all the new tokens for all classes, the old ones are still available, so you have a choice. My fury will appreciate this!