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  1. CalmWind

    Grave bolt

    I wish Grave bolt timer would be reduced... by a lot. I don't see why it is so long, meaning, I don't see it as such a great advantage that it needs to be so long. I wouldn't even mind if it did no damage, just pull. At this point I'm better off using a better option and skip grave bolt all...
  2. CalmWind

    Earth Shaman leveling struggles

    I'm posting this because I am struggling with my Earth Shaman and I am worried new players might quit during the early phases of leveling. I can't seem to get my attack rating past 3.5 and it has become a slow grind. Even with defense past 7, Gaia's Ward pops during many of my fights (this is...
  3. CalmWind

    Need every ones opinion!

    This is what one of my alts look like currently....... should I give her a make over when the expansion goes live or do you think beauty on the inside is more important?
  4. CalmWind

    Gathering without tools - urgent

    So I tested it out and yes, it’s possible to gather without gathering tools. I was able to get one gather without yoricks crown and 2 gathers with yoricks. No bountiful harvests or supplies pop out while not using a tool. Can someone please confirm if this is intended or not and if it is an...
  5. CalmWind

    Character select repositioning

    I wish there was a way to move around the order in which our characters are listed on the login screen.
  6. CalmWind


    Could there be a minor graphic change to all the types of fleece? It is very hard to tell the difference between fleece especially when breaking it down. I can clearly tell the difference between pelts, eggs, and ham lvls. Maybe a different color on top where the fluffy part is would be nice. CW
  7. CalmWind

    Don’t restore the old forums

    This just may be my craziest post yet. I know I often come across as blunt and straight forward but please hear me out. As a new(ish) player but no longer consider myself a noob, I used the old forums EVERYDAY to read and get tips and hints on how to proceed in the game. Everything from...
  8. CalmWind

    Class specific Dungeons (sort of)

    This is a game suggestion for all the PvE'ers out there, Class Dungeons! This dungeon will be level-scaled but able to be completed solo and the top PvE'ers will want to compete. Class Dungeons will utilize the current dungeon (of course), except when you click on the NPC you get an option to...
  9. CalmWind

    Marker on Map - Sidequests toggle

    I know this topic was brought up a few threads down but my suggestion is regarding side quests only. I wish there were yellow [!] markers on the map to display available side quests. This would obviously clutter up the map so there would need to be a toggle on/off button in options. The reason...
  10. CalmWind

    PvP - Elixir Wars

    First of all - why do people get defensive and go on a rampage when PvP is discussed. I get it, it's been discussed a million times, you have your opinion, and I have mine. I personally don't care about PvP... some people do. Not only that but I see people getting warned by Moderators in game...
  11. CalmWind

    Rebirth question lvl 75

    Sorry It's me again with another rebirth question... For the level 75 rebirth is it possible to just do all of the bounties in every zone without doing any of the main quest line and make it back to 75/76 to hit the quest in Bevyn's Coille? I killed Lord P and hit the Bevyn's telepad already...
  12. CalmWind

    Question about rebirth and Event progress

    Hey all, My question is about rebirth and Event progress... when I rebirth do I lose Event progress I already made in regards to "winter wonderland" quest. I rebirth'd and I got set back to "welcome to Grinchta's Lair" and wondering if I lost progress towards the bigger rewards. Thanks! -CW
  13. CalmWind

    lvl 75 elder question

    Can anyone tell me if this information is still current? I am planning ahead, will be getting these zones soon and I want to be prepared... Preparing for the battle The Arcane Rift of Pyrron lv 75 (Key from quest): Here you find 11 lv 75 elders, they reactivate after 3 days!. They require the...
  14. CalmWind

    Game guide posts - is Selia still around?

    I use the sticky post "Zone list - where can I go!" also the Traven zone guide and Pyrron zone guide every day. I was wondering if Selia is around so she can transfer her post over to the new forum? I want to make sure she gets credit for all the work she did on those posts.:cool: