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  1. Ardent Society Membership Update

    The sockets were my favorite part after the XP boost. But as Damon stated, this is a quick short-term solution while they focus on very high priority issues. We’ve had our game back for several weeks, yet I’d wager the Otters still haven’t really had a chance to breathe. And they’ve taken a big...
  2. Portable Cooking Stations

    Camping stove (powered by liquid fire wizard essence)? I could see that. Sewing kit? Definitely yes. Portable lathe? Not so much... Portable anvil? I am not carrying that on my back!
  3. Dungeon System is HORRIBLE

    I direct this to my fellow low levels (speaking as someone whose primary dungeoning character has never been higher than 45). We have an amazing community, in which the vast majority of strong players are eager to help the weaker. Let’s keep doing our part, as low levels, to be considerate of...
  4. What I like in the game - Was mir in diesem Spiel gefällt

    I love the mushroom mounts too! I think they’re the only mounts with a dignified riding position for those who wear robes/dresses. Don’t get me started on those rhinos... I especially love the community. MMOs offer us the freedom to do things we couldn’t in real life. In so many games, players...
  5. V&H Fan websites

  6. Golden Sheep and Yorick's Royal Crown

    I wish we had the option to move animals from the kennel to the garden for a Fertilizer Buff to crops.
  7. Joyous madness

    Is that a Dutch idiom? In the U.S., we say “a lot on one’s plate”. Perhaps the Netherlands has bigger forks? ;)
  8. Lapsed Ardent Society Membership

    Are you on a monthly recurring membership? If so, you’ll need to e-mail customer support.
  9. What are y'all doin' since game has been down?

    Volunteered at a charity Wept over my starving sheep and boar Read 11 books (mostly three-volume novels) Repeatedly refreshed forums and opened Discord Wept again
  10. Tuesday Livestream - Feb 26!

    It’s at 32:34 of the Feb. 23 livestream
  11. Playing Style

    We plan to award it to you tomorrow.
  12. Sunday Livestream - Feb 24!

    Power couple - better than Bennifer or Brangelina - we have Sarmon
  13. What are y'all doin' since game has been down?

    “Out of sight, out of mind” ;)

    You’ll also notice Discord become a ghost town. ;)
  15. Post your Questions for the Devs for their Livestream

    Nadiria’s notes from the Feb. 18 livestream
  16. IDEAS :P

    Regarding dungeons in 2019 (at 1:18:00): Also worth listening to if you have two minutes, at 59:25, Damon shares some lovely words of inspiration that are very applicable to the present happenings.
  17. Post your Questions for the Devs for their Livestream

    If you press and hold down on a bounty on the map, it will show how many times you have ever killed it during the current (re)birth.
  18. Post your Questions for the Devs for their Livestream

    If you’re on PC, tap “J” to open the bounty journal. If you’re on mobile, open the local map, long-press on each bounty on the map to see how many times you have killed it.