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  1. Kookaburra

    PC Payment is live!

    You can buy him a mount and gift it to him as long as you do not open (double click) on the item first. Once you do that it is soulbound. But the mount comes from the shop as a single item in your bag which can be given (mailed or traded) to another player on your server. The crown bags...
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    Can't get into the Game/Where do I find the Customer Support Forum?

    there is a customer support button on the upper right corner of this page. I think it works now.
  3. Kookaburra

    Can't get into the Game/Where do I find the Customer Support Forum?

    I am also on US1 / PC and just got in fine. I hope all is OK now for you Isa Beau!
  4. Kookaburra

    Vault sorting

    Oh, I would love to be able to "lock" a vault open - what a great idea!
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    I agree - what about the level number "printed" on the bag of fleece?
  6. Kookaburra

    Curios & Curioser....what do you think?

    Looks like an old stone wheel - any tipsy wagons nearby? Did you try to pick it up? An Easter egg would be brightly colored - so probably not that. Unless there was an Easter Rabbit nearby with a paintbrush in hand :)
  7. Kookaburra

    Chapter IV of the book is now open!

    Oh my gosh. The story certainly took a ferocious and unexpected turn. Do we really have to wait a whole week to find out what happens next?
  8. Kookaburra

    Golden Sheep and Yorick's Royal Crown

    Oh what a great idea! Or easier - improved plant harvest based on the number of animals on your ranch.
  9. Kookaburra

    Golden Sheep and Yorick's Royal Crown

    Well, you will have to admit they are VERY handsome sheep and a good looking garden is a real pleasure. :giggle:
  10. Kookaburra

    Ardent Society Membership Update

    I am going to join the list of players unhappy with the changes. I probably have hundreds of mana and health potions in storage, and over 100 repair potions, so many I am often tempted just to throw them out (as a healing priest I have no use for health potions). I would much rather give up all...
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    Buying Crowns from Other Players - Bad Idea

    I agree with you, but unfortunately this is not in the Otters' control. ALL major credit card companies allow cardholders to dispute charges. While this is good in most cases (overcharged, billed for something you did not get, etc), it does open the door for unscrupulous people to scam...
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    Compensation Gifts Have Been Distributed!

    And check all of your characters - even rarely played toons.
  13. Kookaburra

    life after Murff

    Badger - your story reminds me of my most recent used dog. There is a shelter a couple of hundred miles away that brings in small and medium dogs from California and Arizona (bless the Dog is My Co-pilot flyers who volunteer to bring them to new homes). The dog I was interested in had an ear...
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    Bugs Since Servers Went Back Up

    no longer relevant response :)
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    Word Word Association

  16. Kookaburra

    Connection failure.

    Actually I think it is on your side, as no one else seems to be having the same issue. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game? - I know, a pain in the neck, but usually clears out these issues.
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    Joyous madness

    Remember Mad Otter is a small company. They all worked very long hours during the shutdown. I imagine they are now reduced to simply long hours trying to get everything up and running properly - maybe even getting a few hours of sleep here and there, for a change. There are threads in the...
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    Word Word Association

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    Chapter II of the book is now open!

    I know exactly what you mean. Is our peaceful world only due to those poor people suffering?
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    Word Word Association