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  1. Bastion of the Seven Realms (A Lightning Warrior Guide)

    I really like the info on the epic stats! One thing I was curious about, though, is that you mention Voidstrike has a special benefit for Shadow Priests. Is that still true? (I know shadow priests have extra voidstrike based on their shadow mastery, but does voidstrike help them in any...
  2. US2 - Crafting masters and Zorian recipe masteries Yellow Pages

    Ok, I'll put that down in a new category!
  3. US2 - Crafting masters and Zorian recipe masteries Yellow Pages

    Added Orville as an armor master. But, he doesn't have potion mastery, right?
  4. Dungeons

    Yeah, Shadow bolt, but also shadow orbs to detonate it. I have 5 talent points in that first shadow item. But, the corruption is spreading, my goal is to solo it without zings, so I think I will need gloom and maybe to get some shadow affinity points. Not sure what I'm going to give up...
  5. Dungeons

    Here's a video on twitch I made of a dungeon run: Might be a little boring without any audio.
  6. US2-Seeking lvl 90 complete control trinket rune

    Hi US2 folks. I'm seeking a trinket with the complete control rune, lvl 90. Just want the rune, so doesn't matter what it's attached to (although the saplings look coolest, so one of those would be sweet.)
  7. Which specs are underwhelming in your opinion ?

    Just looking at the numbers, shadow priest DPS should be off the charts. Haven't see a high level shadow priest in action, though. (and on top of it, you get access to self-cure and could have room to slot in a little heal for backup.) I think what might reduce the expected abundance of...
  8. US2 - Crafting masters and Zorian recipe masteries Yellow Pages

    Bump - got Shadow boots mastery on Spraig now. Anyone else want to be put on the list?
  9. Can't dual Specialization Armor Rune

    I was just trying out a little attempt to hybrid shadow and holy priest and the Corruption Rune that goes on armor made a lot of sense to have. I went to put it on my armor, but it won't let me have both the Corruption rune AND the Devotion rune at the same time. I think this should change to...
  10. Villagers & Heroes is not responding

    I just tried to log in today, and it didn't respond to me, either! I think something is wrong.
  11. Can't connect to the server

    I can't log in. I've completed all the work I have at work. I vacuumed the upstairs and downstairs. I took out the trash. I replaced the hinges on the bathroom door. I spray painted the legs of the dining room table. I swept the front porch. I took my wife on a walk. I did 20 push ups...
  12. Anyone have proof that Priest talent "Precision" works?

    Yeah, I guess I'd agree. I don't slot mass absorb shield. I do slot mass heal and judgement. Judgement really can change the course of a fight of the type in pyrron zones where the bounty has friends and you have to fight them all at once, but that cooldown is quite long. Really nice with...
  13. Diet, does magic find affect the dungeon reward?

    Like if you get a silver finish (rare item), does magic find increase the chance it upgrades to epic?
  14. Anyone have proof that Priest talent "Precision" works?

    Just looking at the tooltip, it didn't look like the precision talent caused the damage of holy bolt to change. If nobody knows for sure, I would be willing to unlearn my talents and try out stuff, but I wanted to save the gold.
  15. Looking for US2 player with Zorian Shadow mace maxed

    Here ye here ye! I'm looking for a US2 player who has maxed (30 crafts) the recipe for the Swamp-touched shadow mace. I'd like to get 2 for the shadow runes to do some hybrid shadow/holy experiments. Will provide all materials, plus a tip of 25 gold and 6 extra hexeyes (plus the 12 needed for...
  16. Recipe Vendor

    You get most of the woodcrafting recipes for free, but the special pitch is from being a preparation master (one of the crafting masteries). There are some other special recipes (some special drams requiring potion mastery).
  17. Building perfect stat capped char question

    Are there actual stat caps? What are they? I still see some benefit even pushing up to the 20,000s. Don't see how I could get too many stats much higher than that.
  18. New player any tips?

    1. Don't know. 2. Healers and tanks are pretty much required to do the elders/dungeon at the correct level (some super players can do them without, but for the most part, it's needed) 3. No. 4. Definitely. Just make sure to enjoy the journey. Don't rush to end game (and don't rebirth so...