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  1. Aernak

    The Song Title Game (pt2)

    Shudder Before the Beautiful by Nightwish <3
  2. Aernak

    Selling to Vendors

    I wish mobile had the "sell all gems" option!
  3. Aernak

    Selling to Vendors

    I agree with you, Trillium, that the list jumping while selling is terrible, and it's easy to tap the wrong item to sell. But PlatinumPlatypus is right... you can just re-gnog those appearances right back onto your gear.
  4. Aernak


    Amazing ideas, as always, Skaaveek! I love all of them. I especially love the idea of the Heroic Labyrinth - that sounds so fun!!! I love the Tomb and would love more content like it, to explore. The idea of it regenerating every few days would keep it exciting.
  5. Aernak

    Guild Banks

    I personally would not want this. It could lead to hairy disputes if the gold was not used as intended. I also feel like it could cause irritation among guildees if some were donating and others weren't, or if some were donating more than others, or if a guildee chose to leave the guild and...
  6. Aernak

    Dungeon System is HORRIBLE

    I think as long as you communicate to your dungeon group(s), you can have success with any number of people. We just did a gold run on US3 with about 18-20-ish people, of mixed levels. It was clearly communicated where the two zings were, what the route was, and to NOT touch the skellies. That...
  7. Aernak

    Shadow priest vs fire wizard

    My reply is based on observation, as my wiz is ice and I haven't yet tried priest... but any class/sub-class can be built to solo efficiently, depending on the build. I've seen people of every sub-class grind up to 90 with much soloing. Maybe try both and see which one you enjoy most!
  8. Aernak

    MM Feats are not scaling at all !!!

    Hello, did you gnog the dmg feats onto your bow from a low level bow, or are they from a level 36 bow? If they are gnogged on from a low level bow, they are not going to be equal to your level. You need to craft/loot/acquire new weapons with feats at your level, as you level up. I hope that helps!
  9. Aernak

    A bunch of general improvements

    Deal With Demelza is definitely a confusing quest - that question gets asked many times per day in wc - "How do I get enchanted?" - because their timer ran out and they didn't understand. I do agree that it could be made more clear.
  10. Aernak

    Crafters signature on bottom of crafted gear?

    My thought is what was already posted above: "Unfortunately, as stated above, crafters cannot actually create and sell finished pieces of gear. They can only trade partials that others must gnogment together in order to produce a final product."
  11. Aernak

    Ardent Society Membership Update

    I can see reducing the number of sockets and rezzies, but removing entirely seems quite harsh. The repair globs are useless - I just delete them.
  12. Aernak

    Is there an alternative to the whole "Shadow fated" levels?

    A lot of great ideas in this thread!! :) They did add leystones recently for the 75 elders. Maybe they will listen to this thread and do something similar for the Shadow Zones. (I'd love them for level 80 elders as well!) Every time I rebirth a character and re-run the Shadow Zones, I feel...
  13. Aernak

    Bugs Since Servers Went Back Up

    The same issue happened to me, and an email to support fixed it quickly! <3 Ivar mentioned last night that this is a Google bug, so maybe try a different browser. I also was unable to submit a ticket - I tried Chrome on iOS and on PC. Alternatively, you can email support directly. Just be sure...
  14. Aernak


    I died 12x in The Drom, skydiving past Nanny Bonegrinder, trying to grab her. LOL! (I did finally get her on attempt #12, somehow managing to not splat to my death!)
  15. Aernak

    What Class / Spec Should Diet Play

    I chose the one I enjoy the least, to see if there is something I am missing.
  16. Aernak


    Hope everyone has a nice day. I miss you all!
  17. Aernak

    "Overdrive"to lvl 90

    True The Beer - not really a zone per say, but yes you have to re-kill those 400 baddies to access the 80's. I wouldn't be surprised if the 90 elders were tied into that Rye line also. Regardless, I don't think it would ever be a good idea to ever skip the Rye line after rb, or you'd be locked...
  18. Aernak

    "Overdrive"to lvl 90

    As long as you grabbed all of the pads through Zorian, the only zones you have to re-unlock after the 5th rebirth are the Rift and the Tower of the Storm. Everything else is accessible right away as long as you have the pads. (You do have to wait until your combat is high enough for the bounties...
  19. Aernak

    Can not connect to us2 server or any at that, i've reinstalled the game too.

    The most recent live stream hinted at Wednesday being the possible day... I am personally not have any expectations of it being up today. :( Miss you all.
  20. Aernak

    Dev Livestream Today! Feb 16

    Thank you for the update, Otters!